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Thread: How to Install Battlefield: Bad Company (Without Invite) on PS3

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    Post How to Install Battlefield: Bad Company (Without Invite) on PS3

    Seeing the huge number of questions on how to install Battlefield: Bad Company on PS3 without the pre-order invite, we have got a simple way for you.

    1. Download and install PS3 Proxy (

    2. Download Battlefield Bad Company Demo to your PC.

    3. Once installed enter your computer IP address in the IP adress box. To find your computer IP, go to START > RUN > CMD > IPCONFIG, and note the IP address, and enter it in PS3 Proxy.

    4. Check "PS3 Mode"

    5. Press "Start" (disable any firewalls if you have issues starting it at this point).

    6. Go to your PS3 and start the download for Ratchet and Clank Demo.

    7. PAUSE the Demo at 1%. Please note I am using the USA version of Ratchet and Clank (other regions please substitute accordingly).

    8. Go to your Internet connection settings, select CUSTOM (not easy), and skip through all the options and enable the use of Proxy Server.

    9. Enter the IP address that you entered for PS3 Proxy on the Internet connections menu on PS3 (besure ports are same).

    10. Finish and test connection and you should connect to the PSN just fine.

    11. Go to PS3 Proxy and check under the "logs" tab to see if anythign appeared, if you see text there then PS3 Proxy is working.

    12. Now go to the "Replace files tab", and insert the PKG url for Ratchet and Clank on left box. USA users that PKG url is here:
    13. Other PSN regions you can see the download URL in the Logs tab of PS3 Proxy, or HERE.

    14. On the right box under Replace files, click drop down button and locate and double click on the Battlefield PKG file.

    15. Go back to your PS3 now and resume the Ratchet and Clank Demo you paused earlier at 1%.

    16. Battlefield should now be downloading to your PS3 (it will still show as Ratchet and Clank but will actually install BF).

    17. Enjoy!

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    123king Guest
    cool. Thank you for the info. is it the demo or is it the full game?

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    ratboy3124 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 123king View Post
    cool. Thank you for the info. is it the demo or is it the full game?
    That tut was for the demo before everybody could download it. I don't even know if the demo is still available, but if it is you can just download it normally.

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