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Thread: How to get running PlayStation Home on a Debug Console

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    JailCenterKZ Guest

    Smile How to get running PlayStation Home on a Debug Console

    Hello there,

    I tried to get running PS Home on my TEST console and finally I got it working. I decided to write a step-by-step tutorial for everyone here.

    Note: PS Home is a retail pkg app. We have to downgrade to v.1.50 or less debug firmware to install Home.

    Lets rock:

    1. Download 1.50 debug firmware HERE, update your console using this firmware.

    2. Download PS Home v.1.36 HERE or you can find ANY other out-of-date version, it will work also.

    3. Put downloaded .PKG file in the root of USB stick. Then in XMB go to "Game" section and hit "Install Package Files". Install .PKG file.

    4. You will see "Unsupported data" in the Game section. Its normal. Download and upgrade to any of debug firmware v.3.01 or newer.

    For example, download the latest leaked debug firmware v.3.21 HERE.

    5. When you have been upgraded, take a look at "PlayStation Network" section in XMB. You will see the PlayStation Home icon like this one:

    6. Hit the icon and you are Rock!

    Note: To get a properly installed update of v.1.40 you have to perform installation via sp-int environment.

    7. Go to "Debug Settings" and find "NP Environment" tab. Change the value to "sp-int" if needed.

    8. Create a PSN account or login to your debug PSN account. Its very important to use debug PSN server to download an update (you might be need to create new username in the system for a different account under sp-int environment)

    9. Wait until you will login to your debug PSN account. Then hit PlayStation Home icon and the app will start 1.40 update. After that, you can smash PS Home!

    However, the new client is required to run on 3.40 debug firmware. Personally I have only last leaked 3.21 FW. I tried to change value in PARAM.SFO, replaced the 1.36 EBOOT.BIN but with no success. I suppose the version is hide in HDD metadata, or maybe I'm wrong with that? Any ideas how to run it on 3.21 debug fw?

    Personally I tried it with Open Beta package, the very first one. It asks about to update to v.1.36 and started the operation. However, its a retail package and in the end of the filled progress bar I got "Error during the installation" . But actually it has been updated Home app. So, its working!

    You can buy any clothes and stuff, add PSN card codes to your PSN account or directly load your wallet through credit card. Enjoy!

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    Very nice guide JailCenterKZ and +Rep.. I will Sticky it here for now too!

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    shummyr Guest
    Excellent guide!


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    JailCenterKZ Guest
    Now I can confirm that PS Home v.1.40 is successfully running on debug 3.41 firmware, just tested it

    So enjoy your PS Home on debug consoles!

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