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    How to Get Out of PS3 Demonstration Mode on v4.53

    Okay guys, I've seen many people having trouble with CFWs, trying to "uninstall" CFWs, basicaly trying to bring the PS3 to a legit version of firmware.

    This tutorial is for you if:
    • You are stuck in Demonstration Mode Version 4.53
    • You are trying to get rid of jailbroken firmware and you are afraid of hitting the Demonstration Mode

    And here we go:

    Step 1: On a flash drive (USB Device) create a folder named PS3 (!respect the caps on both folders!)
    Step 2: In the folder called "PS3" create a folder named UPDATE
    Step 3: Download and extract the PS3UPDAT.PUP and place it into the UPDATE folder on the flash drive


    Step 4: Put your PS3 into Recovery Mode

    Tutorial for Recovery Mode:

    Step 5: Connect the flash drive to your PS3 and pick the 6'th option from the Recovery Mode Menu

    Step 6: Let the system load the update, select "OK" , "AGREE" , whatever you bump into, just confirm it.

    And you're done. Your PS3 is running now on legit 4.53 firmware, no jailbreak or Demonstration Mode

    If you need help send me a message.

    Good luck!

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    Dude! you removing the software and i want to know where to download the latest jailbreak 4.5.3. I'm no expert, so if you could assist me, i'll be very greatful. so... please? lol

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    Tell me what version of firmware you have installed on your PS3 now.

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    Mine is v4.55. But it doesn't work for me. It said it couldn't find any appropriate update when I picked the sixth option.

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    4.55 reverter thanks to Tjhooker:

    PS3 Kiosk Firmware Reverters:

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    thank you

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    thanks for the info

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    Thanks for these, great

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    How to exit 4.65 demo?

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