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    Post How to get on Metal Gear Online BETA (USA)

    I have found a way to get a free Metal Gear Online BETA code for USA every time (got about 5 from this with 0% failure rate).

    As you guys might have heard the BETA is having tremendous issues as is, and its pretty unfair UK and Japan all get the BETA for free while US has to go out and preorder the game to enter the BETA.

    Recall that many people had a error of getting 9 letter codes versus 12 letter codes from the Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2. Konami said to fix this issue you would have to email them to get it fixed, will since this was a error on their part they really have no way to check to see if the code you send them is legit or not.

    How to get the free key:

    Its fairly easy process first go here: http://www.konami-data.com/support/

    Fill out the information it asks for, this is what I chose from the drop down menus for those who hate to read:

    Game: MGO
    Platform: PlayStation®2
    Issue: Other

    In the Question Detail: area is where your going to write up your message, this is where you have to sound like an innocent and frustrated newb

    Tell them that you got the Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 DVD from a preorder at Gamestop/EBGames and you found that the code was only 9 digits long instead of 12, and when trying to enter the code, it would be rejected. Also let them know you live in USA, and ask them to please help.

    This is what I sent in, not recommended you use the same message or your request might get bounced back:
    Hello, I have just pre-ordered Metal Gear Limited edition from Gamestop and received the Metal Gear Saga VOLUME 2 DVD, with beta code. However upon opening the BETA code I saw the code was only 9 letters long, when entering the code on subscriptions on PSN, I got a error saying the code has to be 12 characters long. My MGSO BETA code that I got from DVD read read RA5F-SFE5-A. Please help me with this issue, thanks.
    Be sure you include the fake BETA key, it can be anything 9 characters long, just no symbols and all caps. Besure to use a combination of numbers/letters.

    Send the form and that's it, I got a reply back from them in about 2 days with the new BETA key.

    And there you have it, a new brand, free, USA MGO BETA key!

    Note: Konami is now asking a scanned form for this method, here it is, photoshop and add in the fake characters:

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    Apr 2005

    Post How to get a Metal Gear Online BETA Code via Internet

    Similar to getting a free MGO BETA code through email/phone. While phone is still fool proof some people may wanna go email. But now scans are beginning to be asked for. That way they are less likely to let someone slip through. Now I will teach you to make a scan of your very own.

    First get the image (below) and Paint.NET (http://www.getpaint.net/download.html#download)

    Right Click ->Save As

    See how nice I made it. All blank and ready for editing. OK. Install Paint.NET and open up the image I provided above. To begin open a new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N) or Layer -> Add new Layer

    Now on your new layer press T to switch to the font tool. Change the font size to 16.

    Type out your beta code and drag it to the center of the blank box. Follow the format XXXX-XXXX-X (All CAPS) Once you are ready select your code by pressing S and then selecting the area. Then press M. Right Click and Hold and turn the letters ever so slightly so they match with the line above.

    Now go to Effects -> Blurs -> Fragment

    Fragment Count is 2 and Distance is 1

    Then Effects-> Distort -> Frosted Glass

    Max Scatter Radius is 3.00
    Min Scatter Radius is 0
    and Smoothness is 8

    OK, save it and you are done... but if you want you should keep playing around with it and you will get better results.

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