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Thread: How to Get Closed Beta & Other Items Free in PlayStation Home

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    Casshern23 Guest

    Post How to Get Closed Beta & Other Items Free in PlayStation Home

    Its not that I dont appreciate the info, but the original guide was extremely hard to follow, having to find the files all over in different places.

    In order to understand this guide from a different perspective, please read the original. But otherwise, Enjoy the picture guide you are about to walk through.


    Programs that need installing:
    SimpleDNAS Plus
    Download Location:


    Files Needed:
    PShome HackPack Type A:

    PShome HackPack Type B: (ONLY USE IF TYPE A DOES NOT WORK!)


    Now, After installing both simpledns, and apache, Extract the PShomeHackPack and then distribute the files / folders in the following locations.

    These Files:

    Belong In:
    C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/conf and yes when prompted overwrite Files, then start Apache Service.


    This Folder:

    Belongs In:
    C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs


    Now then, Heres everything you need to setup and how. And, Try to do them in the order they are listed.

    Find out your PC`s IP and Gateway IP: (Write them both down for later)

    Disable Windows Firewall:

    Open your PC to be accessible by your PS3 on the same router:

    Configure Simple DNAS to let your PS3 connect to your PC:

    Refresh Apache`s Cache so it sees all the changes made:

    Setup your PS3 to connect to your PC and SimpleDNAS instead of directly to the internet:

    If SimpleDNAS does this when you try to test internet connection on the PS3, You were successful.


    Now then, Your PC is connected to your ps3, Im guessing your going -What do I do with this waste of time now?-

    Well. The entire reason behind this, Is so that instead of reading what items you will win from echochrome stage a, It will read what items you wish for it to give you instead!

    To do so. Log out of the playstation network, And go to the files you saved in the apache folder earlier, And you will see a special file (If you are using PShomehack type b, then there will be two files)

    Weither your on type A or B. The file will be located here:

    "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\HUBPS3_SVML\fileservic es"

    The filename will be something along these lines. If there are two files, Then youll need to edit them both.

    "DownloadFileServlet_fileID=0000000000&fileNameBeg insWith=Inventory-PSNIDHere.xml"


    Now open the file(s) in notepad. And youll see it with little things all clumped together with random other things. But the one thing in all of those you need to lookout for. Are little item codes like this.


    What does this code mean? That code is the item ID of one of the items won from Echochrome stage A, Now, If you have been keeping up with why were doing all of this in the first place, You should know, Were planning to change these.

    The item I listed above is one of the normal items you would win from echochrome, Now, Lets change it with say....An item that costs money in the japan playstation server.


    Thats the item code for a pair of red cowboy boots from the japan irem server, It costs 100 yen to buy.

    Now, If you were to replace the code from the file that was originally for the echochrome item, Instead of winning that specific item, You would win the cowboy boots from japan`s mall server, And not the echochrome item.

    Yeah, No downside eh? Dont be so sure.
    With all hacks and glitches, There are always chances to screwup somewhere, but with this being known, WHEN YOU ARE LEARNING TO DO THIS, DO NOT TEST IT ON YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT, TEST IT ON A NEW ONE WITH NOTHING ON IT!

    Now, Utilizing a program called Wireshark, You can obtain tons of codes for items to replace with the echochrome ones, But, I will be honest, I have no idea how to use wireshark and consider it too much of a pain when people are posting their own lists of itemcodes.

    If someone wants to write a wireshark guide, Feel free to and im sure people will flock to it!

    I would offer you guys more information, But this is all I can offer, I have some kind of sub-firewall on my PC which prevents me from loading the files for home period, But I do know abit about XML and am pretty sure this is how everything works, If someone wishes to correct me, Feel free to take an hour or two of your life to write up a picture guide which is easy and simple to read no matter how un-technical you are.

    If the above methods do not work, Feel free to visit the original thread for info located here!


    Discovery of the hacking method:

    Poster of the guide on here:
    PS3 News

    Guide Refinement:
    Me. Duh.

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    Coolie4 Guest
    great guide, much easier to comprehend, but im still working through it.

    when i put my router (gateway) IP in simple dns i got fail on internet connect continously. when i changed it to my pc IP address like the other guide says, i got a connection.

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    Casshern23 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Coolie4 View Post
    great guide, much easier to comprehend, but im still working through it.

    when i put my router (gateway) IP in simple dns i got fail on internet connect continously. when i changed it to my pc IP address like the other guide says, i got a connection.
    Then it must depend on the network type, I had to enter it the opposing way to get it to work.

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    semitope Guest


    How to Get Closed Beta...
    Like what? uncharted 2 beta?

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    alexatk33 Guest

    (help) Playstation HOME items hack


    I need your help... ^^ so I did everything like this tutorial explain.

    But I've this error on my ps3:
    request timed out
    I can't find where is the problem, I just know that the connection between my computer and my ps3 is ok because simple DNS react and because the connection is ok, but when I try to connect HOME, I've this error (under).

    Somebody can help me ?


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    Apr 2005


    Not sure if it will help much, but the original thread on this is here:

    You may be able to read through it and find someone else with the same error and how they resolved it.

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    jabberosx Guest
    Looks like you copied This Folder incorrectly. "HUBPS3_SVML"

    When you download the file. This folder: "HUBPS3_SVML"

    Belongs In: C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs

    So, it would be like: C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs/HUBPS3_SVML

    Also, make sure you stop and start Apache for it to pick up the new settings.

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