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Thread: How to Fully Disassemble your PS3 Console

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    Post How to Fully Disassemble your PS3 Console

    This tutorial will show you how to fully disassemble your PS3 console.

    Note: Ensure the PS3's power cable is disconnected at all times during this tutorial.

    For this tutorial you will need:
    • A phillips flat head screwdriver
    • A torx driver
    • A small flatheaded screwdriver

    1. On the left side/bottom of the PS3 there are a few rubber feet that help the console stand upright. The first screw that needs to be removed is underneath the rubber foot in the picture below (circled in red). The foot can be pried out using a small screw driver or any other flat tool. Once this has been removed you will see that there is a Torx security screw. You will either need a Torx screwdriver, or a flat head screwdriver that will fit in the screw.

    2. Once this screw has been removed, slide the top of the case to the left. You may need to use a bit of force to slide it if your doing this for the first time. After the top slides as far as it will go, lift the top and it should come off (see the picture below):

    3. Once you have taken the top off, there will be another cover underneath. You will need to remove the 7 long screws shown in the photo below (circled in red)

    4. After the 7 screws have been removed, gently lift up the back corners of the top half of the console. There are 2 small clips near the back that you may need to undo with a small screwdriver. Now the top of the console should just lift off (with a bit of gentle force) and you will see the main insides of the PS3.

    5. Now the power supply (the silver box on the left) needs to be removed. Remove the screws circled in red, and take out the plug, and the power supply will just lift out.

    6. Also, take out the mains plug in the back of the power supply. The power supply should now be completely disconnected from the PS3. After the power supply is removed, the Bluetooth board (in the 60GB models, it also has wireless). Unscrew the 4 screws and unplug the ribbon cable and the board will just lift out.

    7. Now to remove the Blu-ray drive. This is fairly easy. Lift the drive up about 2” and you will see a really wide ribbon cable connecting the drive to the motherboard. Unplug it. There will also be a plug near the front of the Blu-ray drive. Unplug it aswell. The drive will then just lift out.

    8. You should now see this:

    9. Next, we have to remove the small circuit board that has the Reset and Eject buttons. This board is attached to a small metal bracket. Remove the 4 screws holding the board and the metal bracket and unplug the small ribbon cable. The board should now easily lift out.

    10. Once you have done this remove these screws circled in red in the picture below:

    11. After the screws are removed, gently lift out the whole motherboard along with the back panel like the pics below: Make sure you have taken out the plastic cover with the HDD sticker on it... Otherwise the clips on it will get bent!

    12. After the bottom of the PS3 case is out of the way, you can admire the huge cooling system on the bottom of the motherboard.

    13. After your done looking at the hugeness of the fan, remove the plastic back panel. The are 4 small plastic clips (2 on either side of the motherboard) tht you need to lift to take off the back panel.

    14. Flip the motherboard back over. Unscrew the 4 screws (circled in red) holding 2 metal brackets down. Once these screws are undone, take off the 2 metal brackets.

    It should now look like this:

    15. After that, flip the motherboard over again. Now gently pull up on the heatsink. Be gentle here. The cooling system will lift up off the CPU and GPU and come off completely. A bit of force will be required here as the heatsink will be stuck down to the CPU and GPU with white thermal paste.

    16. On the bottom of the heat sink and on the CPU and GPU will be white thermal paste. This is used to help transfer heat from the chip to the heat sink. Don’t bother cleaning it off either, unless you have fresh thermal paste to put on it again when you reassemble the PS3.

    17. After you get the heat sink off, you can lift up the metal shielding. Be gentle with this as the shielding as it is very thin and bending it could possibly cause the shielding to short out something on the motherboard when the PS3 is reassembled.

    18. Now flip the motherboard over again, and remove the metal shielding on the other side and you will now see the bare motherboard:

    Your PS3 console is now disassembled!

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    Additional pictures for the first post...

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    Remaining pictures for the first post.

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