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Thread: How to Fix PS3 Corrupted Data Update Error from 3.41 to 3.55 CFW

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    ronnie93 Guest
    Dear montys1987, I'm tryin' to update from 4.46 OFW to 4.50 CFW, but whatever CFW I try to install it gives the same error, (The data is corrupted. 8002F957). So, can the above process still work out for me to update to the 4.50 CFW? Or should I try another method? if yes, which process? Help will be appreciated.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    you have to downgrade your ps3 from 4.46 ofw to 3.55 ofw, only then you can install any cfw on it step wise. 3000 and 4000 series ps3s are not downgradable.

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    bearthruzz Guest
    My model is CECH-2506A. Can I downgrade it to 3.55ofw? If can, how do i do it? I've been searching for answer around, but can't find one. Pls advise

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    misiozol Guest
    You need a flasher to write to flash.

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    twirls123 Guest

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