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    thanks very useful

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    Apr 2005
    Thank you PS3GAMER20111! I didn't know this.

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    Jan 2010
    works like a charm. when you update your FW itll go back to normal so just re up your rco file and keep having fun

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    Oct 2012
    Hi all !

    I want to remove completely the annoy message by edit sysconf_plugin.sprx. i decrypt sysconf_plugin.sprx then remove the call parameter to display message but i afraid it will soft brick ps3. so i want to know can i do it ? thanks

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    thanks, my warning no says. "WARNING: Do not touch my ps3, it has aids"

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    WOW, nice idea

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    That's awesome news.

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    Now, how cool is that. Thanks!!!

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    Thanks so much.

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