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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest

    Post How to Downsample PS3 .bik Videos for Custom PS3 Game Intros and Startup Tunes

    How to Downsample PS3 .bik Videos

    This is to be used to significantly reduce the size of videos for some games to save space for more games!


    Rad Video Tools: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=21935

    PS3 game with .bik videos

    1. Open RADTools and select the .BIK files you wish to re-encode then click "Bink It". When asked if you want to batch process them one by one into separate output files, click "YES"

    2. On the compression settings window select "Compress to a % of the original" and enter the percent you wish to compress videos. I used 40 and there is hardly any difference in quality.

    3. Select "Batch" on the right hand side and wait for your files to be re-encoded.

    4. Once you have re-encoded your new files you will need to rename them to remove "NEW_" from the beginning of the file name.

    5. Just a quick warning that this will take quite a long time to actually encode all of the movies.

    Creating Custom PS3 Game Intros

    When you start a game, you are greeted with the publisher's logo which can be changed to your own. RadTools will convert your homemade video clip to the .BIK format used by games.

    If your video isn't saved to .mpg. you will need sofware to convert, as RadTools doesn't seem to like .avi, I had to convert a .mpg. FTP Server or Comgenies Filemanager for transfering files. And of course a Jailbroken console, with your own games backed up.

    You will need to find the intro video, on MySims Sky Heros, it had four intro videos, which are named:
    • HD_43_PAL_SIMS.BIK
    • HD_169_NTSC_SIMS.BIK
    • HD_169_PAL_SIMS.BIK

    Try and make the video last no longer than 12 seconds. Also try making the original video a high resolution, as RadTools seems to take away some quality when converting. These videos show that you can change the intro video on PS3 games, if your bored with the EA logo that pops up when you start you game, you can change it to anything, in fact you can change any ingame video that you want, as long as it is a .BIK.

    Creating Custom PS3 Startup Tunes (courtesy of Gliitch)


    To get the R/W dev_flash to work, you’ll need a hex enabled with Peek&Poke. Then fire up the app. You’ll get an message saying “This program enables A Dev_Flash unit with WRITE ACCESS! It is your responsiblity! If you erase the firmware or make it brick its YOUR FAULT!” etc. Press O to enable the rewritable flash. it will go “... Success” then it will quit, taking you back to the XMB.

    Fire up Comgenie's Awesome File Manager and scroll down to dev_alejandro/vsh/resource/ until you see two files one named: coldboot_multi.ac3 and another called coldboot_stereo.ac3. These two files are what you will need to change, in order to get a custom bootup sound. Don't to anything yet...

    Grab any mp3 you want, be it from a game or whatever it doesnt matter. Load up XivD4PSP. You will need to trim it to around 8 seconds as it will get cut off. [like in the video] You’ll see Set Start/Set End and apply trim. Audio encoding AC3 640K.

    Once that is done, and you are happy with your bootup sound, rename it coldboot_multi.ac3 and then the same file as coldboot_stereo.ac3. Save it, by doing Ctrl+S.

    Now, copy the files to a USB stick, you should still be in Comgenie's Manager. Select 0000 (far right usb) and press select for the screen to go red. Then press O to copy the two files over, and replace them. Exit to the XMB.

    Power off your PS3, with or without your JB, and listen to your new Boot Sound.

    PSX & PS2 Coldboot Sounds I made: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post344659

    Changing / Editing Your PS3 XMB Wave Animation (courtesy of Glowball1 via demonhades.org/foro/viewtopic.php?t=4909&f=297)

    This tutorial will show you how to edit your PS3 xmb wave. I am gonna show the basics to get you started. If you have edited a dynamic theme background manually you will find this tutorial real easy. Things you will need:

    1. A hex editor
    2. Simplyzip (http://www.paehl.de/cms/simplyzip)
    3. Notepad ++
    4. lines.qrc from your dev_flash files (make a backup copy)
    5. PS3 wave edit quick start (http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=30525)

    Firstly we need to decompress lines.qrc with Simplyzip. But before we open Simplyzip we need to open the lines.qrc file with a hex editor and delete the first part like this.

    Then save, so you end up with this.

    Now we open up Simplyzip and go to "External prog" then "ZLIB (pack/unpack)" locate the file and click decompress. You will then end up with a file called "lines" in the same directory as lines.qrc. This new file "lines" is the file we need to edit.

    Now extract my PS3 wave edit quick start folder.zip. You will see some files which I have manually extracted from "lines".

    Here is a solid black .dds image file at the right size if you do not have one: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=30575

    Okay so you want to change 1 of the 12 background colours to a colour/pattern. Each colour represents a different month. So lets change 01.rgb.dds (January). Load up the dds file in photoshop, change the colour/pattern and save as these dds settings (the file size has to match).

    Also you will notice that is the image is only small (the ps3 stretches the image out).

    If you wanted to change the "original" colour just edit 1 of the "night-**.dds" colours for the current month. For example 08.night.dds (August). So the difference between "rgb-**.dds" and "night-**.dds" is that "rgb-**.dds" is used by a PS3 theme or when selected and "night-**.dds" is used when "original" is selected for colour.

    To add a new background colour we have to insert the edited background colour into "lines". We do this by opening both lines and the edited file in the hex editor, copying all of the edited file and pasting at the correct offset (see offsets.txt).

    If you wanted to edit the PS3 wave that is a little more advanced. Open "wave settings info.js" (compare to help) and "wave settings.js" (this is not a javascript file I put the extension in because you can read it better) with notepad++. I don't have alot of info on which part does which, but you can play around with the script and I will update "wave settings info.js" soon. Make sure when you edit this file if you delete 1 number/character you put another 1 back in (the file size has to match).

    To edit the xmb background wave edit the "override/black/LINE1.MNU" section in the script and for coldboot wave edit the "override/coldboot1/LINE1.MNU" section in the script.

    So you have edited what you need. Just insert the same way as a background colour but with the wave settings.js offset.

    Okay when you have finished all of your editing you need to compress the "lines" file. First you go to Simplyzip. Select "External progs" then "ZLIB (pack/unpack)" and open your edited "lines" file and click compress.

    You will now have a file called lines.zlp in the same directory as you edited "lines" file. The next thing you need to do so the file works is add the "lines.zlp 8 byte hex start" from my PS3 wave quick start folder to the beginning of the file with the hex editor (insert mode then paste).

    Save the file and the start should look like this.

    The final thing is to rename the file lines.zlp to lines.qrc.

    Now your file is ready to be used/tested. I personally test with Jaicrabs usb firmware loader v0.3 first (you can't test your coldboot wave), then if everthing is good I use dev_blind to copy to my dev_flash permanently.

    Please note I will not be responsible if you mess up your PS3. Here is my PS3 coldboot wave:

    QRC and RAF files are pretty similar. Check my Naughty Bear dynamic theme. I done this by editing the script file also. It's seems that the PS3 is built on scripts and xml, so editing should be no problem.

    How to Edit Anim_1.jpg Edge Script (POP.jsx) for Dynamic PS3 Themes

    This tutorial will show you how to edit prince of persia’s dynamic background script also known as “pop.jsx”. The benifit of doing this is so you can change the position, speed, direction and timing of the moving parts/edge files. You can also edit the script file for heavy rain and even the PS3′s coldboot.

    Things you will need

    1. A hex editor
    2. RCOmage v 1.1.1: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...d-psp-arrives/
    3. Notepad++
    3. Dynamic Theme editor by zembor0: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...mation-guides/
    4. My Script Edit Files Folder.zip: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=30596

    First off download and install the things you will need. When you extract my folder. You will see some files which will help you.

    Open both pop.js and pop info.js in notepad++. Begin to edit the parts that you wish, use POP INFO.js and POP ANIM_1.JPG INFO.rtf to help you.

    So you have now edited and saved your POP.js and want to insert/test with your dynamic background.

    Step 1. If you have RCOmage v1.1.1 extracted/installed you will need to open your command prompt and go to the RCOmage install folder directory of which contains rcomage.exe.

    cd C:Users...Rcomage

    dots are where you installed RCOmage.

    Now copy and paste your pop.js into the same folder as the rcomage.exe.

    Once copied and you have “cd” into the directory, type the folowing command in the command prompt to encrypt the POP.js (your edited file).

    rcomage.exe vsmxenc POP.js POPEDIT.jsx

    Then you will find the POPEDIT.jsx in the Rcomage folder.

    Step 2. Open both your POPEDIT.jsx and anim_1 (from my folder) with a hex editor. Go to offset 00869530 or search for VSMX. Now copy and paste all of your POPEDIT.jsx into anim_1 at the offset and save.

    All you need to do now is copy your edited anim_1 into the dynamic theme editor folder C:Users...Dynamic Theme EditorOriginal Anim_1Prince Of Persia. Now once you run the dynamic theme editor it will use your edited anim_1 file.

    If you wish you can also use my Anim_1.jpg USB Loader.p3t from my folder. Install like a PS3 theme and put Anim_1.jpg from C:Users…Dynamic Theme EditorTheme FilesPrince Of Persia on the root of the usb stick (only for CFW though). This will load your background image with the standard PS3 icons. I use this method as it is quicker.

    Thanks to zembor0 once again and I hope he will include this in his dynamic theme editor.

    How to Create ICON1.PAM (PS3 Video Icon) Guide: by Glowball1

    This is a written tutorial on how to create ICON1.PAM (video icon). I haven't seen a tutorial for this anywhere (not even in the SDK) so I decided to create/share one. If you have ever created a video icon for the PSP you will find this really easy.

    Download: Custom Showtime.pkg - http://www.mediafire.com/?8d7ftjm3q33ne2t (Mirror: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=32326)

    The things you will need:

    Download PAMF Tools: http://www.mediafire.com/?afngnyklhdrp4ww

    A 1920x1080 video file encoded with one of these codecs YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, Huff-YUV and DV-AVI type1/type2

    To start install PAMFTools then open up the PS3StreamComposer and create a new project by clicking new or Ctrl+N. Name your project then click next.

    On the next screen we use the default settings so just click next. Now we want to add a video to the project so click Video Source from the top toolbar and then open up the video you want.

    Also highlight your clip to make sure the codec matches.

    Next we need to re-size the video to 320x176 to do this click Filter Settings from the top tool bar then click setting... in the size section. Change the width to 320, the height to 176 and add black bottom to 0. Click update then ok.

    Click ok to finish with filter settings. Now we need to adjust some settings so the PS3 reads the file correctly so click video enc setting on the top toolbar then adjust the settings to match these:

    Click advanced to change some more settings that match these (don't forget the Entropy Coding it's important)

    Click ok to finish with video enc settings. We are ready to run the program but first we need to check/tick Create EP Map. To do this go to run in the menu bar and click Create EP Map (again really important to this process).

    Now we just go to run and click Encode + Multipex + PAMF compose.

    Once completed the .pam file will be loacated in your Documents directory folder like this C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\PLAYSTATION(R)3 Stream Composer\MuxWork\YOURPROJECTNAME\YOURCLIPNAME\

    You can open your .pam video with the PS3StreamViewer to see the result. To use it on the PS3 simply re-name to ICON1.PAM and ftp(dev_blind not needed) into the homebrew/game/gamedata/savedata of your chioce (same folder as PARAM.SFO/ICON0.PNG). You can always make a package to install the ICON1.PAM if you know how.


    There is a 2.4MB limitation for ICON1.PAM. If you are using SND0.AT3 also this will be included with the 2.4MB limit. The simple equasion is ICON1.PAM + SND0.AT3 = 2.4MB limit.

    There is a way to make the ICON1.PAM file size smaller without changing the video clip being used. You do this by lowering the value of the average and peak bitrate in the Video Enc Setting.

    You can only use ICON1.PAM in the game category. Have fun and enjoy making custom video icon files for homebrew and of course your backed up games.

    Create A Pro SlideShow Dynamic PS3 Theme Guide by Glowball1

    This video tutorial will show you how to create a Pro SlideShow dynamic PS3 theme.



    What is a dynamic theme?

    A dynamic theme is simply a theme with a moving background made up with 3D models, textures and a script.

    What’s the difference between animated and dynamic themes?

    Animated themes only have 1 effect which is a very fast slideshow, where as dynamic themes include multipe effects.

    Why is this pro/dynamic?

    Pro is the version of the slideshow style and there are 3 effects used

    1. Timed camera zoom in/out
    2. Random start image
    3. Smooth fade transition between images

    When I drag and drop the ProSlideShow.xml I don’t get ProSlideShow.raf, Why?

    The ProSlideShow folder must on the root of your C: drive. If you still get errors copy this command in cmd.exe

    raf_compiler.exe C:ProSlideShowProSlideShow.xml

    Why do you do this GlowBall and for free too lol?

    I do it cus I want people to enjoy spending time with thier PS3 console and I believe that you can’t put a price on fun.

    Video Tutorial

    Download links

    ProSlideShow.zip (needed) - http://www.mediafire.com/?x8rt94lax39qdu4

    Notepad++ (optional) - http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.1.2.html

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    Thanks for the guides IndyColtsFan84 and +Rep.

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    More pics for the first post...

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