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    Post How to download UT3 Mods directly from PS3

    This tutorial is going to explain to you how to download Unreal Tournament 3 Mods directly to your PlayStation 3 using your PS3 Internet browser.

    Keep in mind you have to use a computer at least once to prepare your USB Device or memory Card. Also you can't download the UT3 mods directly to your PS3 's Hard Disk Drive. You have to save the UT3 mods to a USB Device or Memory Card.

    What you need:

    - Internet Access
    - USB Drive, USB Flash Thumb Drive, or Memory Card.
    - PlayStation 3 Console
    - Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3 version)

    The Process Below has to be repeated for each MOD or Map Pack.


    1. Prepare your USB Drive, USB Thumb Drive, or Memory Stick. Create a Folder named "PS3" in the root of your USB drive or memory stick.

    2. Create a Folder named: "SAVEDATA" inside the "PS3" Folder.

    3. Create a Folder named "BLUS30086-MODIMPORT" inside the "SAVEDATA" Folder.

    4. Now that you have your USB Device/Memory Card ready insert the USB Device or Memory Card into the PS3. Now go to UT3Mod.com using your PS3 Internet Browser. Once there click on the "PS3 Download Link"for the desired Mod. After you click on the download link you will see the XMB showing you to "Enter" a USB device or Memory Card. Press X to Enter the USB Device or Memory Card you just added the folders to.

    5. Now that you have selected a USB Device/Memory Card you will see the "PS3" Folder. Press X to "Enter" the " PS3 " Folder.

    6. When you select the " PS3" Folder you will see the "SAVEDATA" Folder. Press X to "Enter" the "SAVEDATA" Folder.

    7. When you select the "SAVADATA" Folder you will see the " BLUS30086-MODIMPORT" Folder. NOW Press "Start" to download the MOD into the "BLUS30086-MODIMPORT" Folder.

    8. Now that you have the MOD on your USB Device or Memory Card, START the Unreal Tournament 3 game, Playstation 3 version. Once the game has started, select "Community" on the Main Menu.

    9. In the "Community" Menu select "My Content".
    10. Now that you are in "My Content" Press the [] Square button to "Import Content".
    11. When you press Square you will then select the USB Device or Memory Card that you saved your MOD onto by Pressing X.
    12. The game will ask you if you want to import the data. Select Yes.
    13. Now the MOD will begin to import, once the Import is Completed Press O Circle to Back out, and the MOD will unpack and install.
    14. Now you will see the MOD in the " My Content" section.

    To add additional MODS to the game you don't have to add the folders to the USB device or Memory Card, use the same ones. Exit the Game and go to UT3MOD.COM. When you click on the "PS3 Download Link" of your desired MOD, follow steps 5 through 14.

    NOTE: After you Press "Start" at Step 7 you will get a prompt to "Overwrite and Save". MAKE SURE YOU SELECT "OVERWRITE AND SAVE".

    Enjoy and be sure to check out http://ut3mods.blogspot.com/ too!

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    The first part doesn't explain organizing your I-Pod/MP3/Media device.

    In your Device on you PC Make a Folder called in Caps:


    Then inside that Folder make a Folder called in Caps:


    Then inside that Folder make a Folder called in Caps:

    US Version: The folder will be named "BLUS30086-MODIMPORT"
    EU Version: The folder will be named "BLES00200-MODIMPORT"

    Your Ready to go, now using your PS3 Web browser go here to downloaded the mods and here is a video tutorial on how to do so.


    Here is a good place to get the Mods, do one at a time: UT3Mod.com

    Read each Mod description carefully, have fun and remember if you have the EU copy of the game then use BLES, and if you have the US game then use BLUS.

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