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    Quote Originally Posted by LimpX View Post
    open EBOOT.SELF
    perror: No such file or directory

    I am also having the same problem.. it is not fun lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf2210 View Post
    I am also having the same problem.. it is not fun lol
    unself EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.ELF *not eboot.self

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    It says the same. What's wrong?

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    you might have set it up wrong, did you put the eboot in the right directory?

    c:/cygwin/home/*/ folder * is ur windows name administrator, owner , guest and so on.

    keep this folder open as you are going to do everything here.
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    Yeah. it's in the directory of my username, but i am on win 7. it works with it?

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    make sure that you have unself.exe in the c:\cygwin\bin folder

    and the keys need to be in the < c:\cygwin\home\*\.ps3 > folder
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    Hi, plz need some help! i've followed the cygwin tut but when i install, it asks me to download install files, which site do I choose because so far when it installs there are no home files or bin files or cygwin.bat file


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    don't select any, just click next it will download the default files.

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    Doesn't work, self decrtyptheader failed no such file or directory.

    I though the scene had the ps3 nailed if we can sign things with official sony sigs wtf is going on which isn't much.

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    same here, doesn't work.. all paths etc. are correct.

    $ unself EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.ELF
    self_decrypt_header failed
    perror: No such file or directory.


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