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    moja Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TechGeek990 View Post
    Can't edit the decrypted .elf file correctly because Unself for windows doesn't decrypt everything correctly. I think the working modded EBOOT.BINS are created by people using the linux version of the same tools.
    The linux versions produce the same results. There is a step missing that no one is talking about.

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    jamdobbs Guest
    fantastic guard +rep..

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    Briesmi Guest
    it works fine in windows ! but you cant decrypt NP-DRM eboot's...

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    jwc2003 Guest
    i've followed the guide and can decrypt the ebbot.bin to eboot.elf, then i change the data round and put as 02 for unencrypted etc and the 8000 for fself. But then when i try and use the eboot it does not work, just sends me back to xmb with no error.

    I have got the original eboot.bin from gt5 euro version, decrypted it and the data is different than the released eboot.bin...

    for example the first offset that is different - on my decrpyted copy shows

    000009A0 - 000000000000004800000000018D2D88

    where as on the released eboot.bin, which does work on my copy shows

    000009A0 - 000000000000004000000000018D2588

    that's one of a few differences ive noticed. but how come the results are different?

    I'm using cygwin with the latest key package, and ive checked the keys and they are right. Tried 4 different eboots and everyone does the same thing, starts to load then goes back to xmb with no error.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    r0m Guest
    It looks like the tools don't decrypt internal SELFs correctly. IDA shows this within ps2_softemu.elf:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This code fragment (ELF's entry point) looks like it was corrupted in some way.

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    prime2009 Guest
    I must add this does not work for npdrm eboot self files.

    Everyone is using v1.00 off disc, but after you update a game or if you want the latest version this won't work as unself is bonked. Can't handle it. I am trying to figure out if someone has a working unself but noone is talking, very secret.

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    SexyVampiire Guest
    pulled the eboot off of the games disc and followed the instructions as demonstrated, And got

    self_decrypt_header failed
    error: No such file or directory

    Found out I was using the wrong eboot, Got the proper one and now I get the error

    "Invalid Type 00000008
    perror no error"

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    JW117 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xaxaxe View Post
    The file appears to be SPP (NFI what that means). Looking at the tools.h (from fail0verflows repo) file you can see all the known key types
    where do i need to place that attachment?

    i'm trying to decrypt a eboot bin but i got the 00000008 error as well.

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    soulmonger Guest
    Sorry for the noob question.

    But how do you transfer the eboot.bin and other info from the disc in the ps3 to the pc on FW 3.55jb?

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    LimpX Guest


    open EBOOT.SELF
    perror: No such file or directory


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