Tools needed:

2. DGIndex
3. FFmpeggui03c
4. Mpeg2VCR (for muxing)

Needed Tools:

Ok, You know where to find HD Movies .ts

Lets say U have a HD .ts Movie... and then... ?!

1. If your video source is at 1920x1088

If your video source is at "normal" resolution start with step 2.

1. 1088i to 1080i

Start HDTVtoMPEG2, right click on HDTVtoMPEG2 tab on taskbar select Configure, check box Preserve bit rate and Set vertical_size to 1080, click OK. Click Add and browse your .ts file ,open it ,when loaded in Output File Name Type set Transport Stream(ts). Click Process. U will get a 1080i .ts. Close HDTVtoMPEG2. Now continue with 2. and foward.

Because PS3 doesnt play .mpg with AC3 6ch or 2ch sound when movie is burned on a DVD (you will get only picture with no sound ) we need to convert AC3 6ch to a stereo .mp2. First we must demux .mpg (split video and audio).

2. Demuxing:

Start DGIndex, press F2 ,browse to your .ts file, click on it, then click open, then click OK. The movie is loaded. Click File ----> Save project and demux video, it will start exporting the video (m2v) &audio (ac3). Go to the WC smile After a while U will get a two files, m2v & ac3.

EDIT: You will see that .ac3 file in it name has a audio offset value, example -276 ms. Write that number down!

3. Converting AC3 to stereo .mp2:

Start FFmpeggui03c ,in Audio source click Browse and load just exported .ac3 file. In Audio Settings format set MP2. Set where to output and click Convert! This is going fast, and u will get stereo audio .mp2.

4. Now final step,muxing m2v (video) and mp2 (audio) to PS3 MPG format:

EDIT: Start Mpeg-VCR, go to Tools ----> MPEG Systems Multiplexer, for Video input browse your .m2v file, and for Audio input browse .mp2 file, for MPEG format set MPEG-2 Program Stream,set where to output.

IMPORTANT!!! - Click on AV-Sync button, in Audio offset type that value U write down before,example -0.276, click Done. And now click Save! After a while U will get a in sync HD MPG which your PS3 will play!

Burn it to a DVD-R and enjoy!