- For those of you who didn’t catch, GT5 Prologue demo was long pulled from Japanese PSN.
- While creating the PSN account, you may need to switch system interface language to Japanese for your conveniences.
- If you are having issues entering ‘-’ in zip code, try inserting ‘/’ instead.
- If you are having difficulty entering the Japanese input mode, try hitting Select button to switch the keyboard layout.


Sony smartened up, and now they are validating the street address as a part of the account setup. Since I had a bit of free time at hand, I decided to visit this one more time and help you out.

Previously, I stated in the video that in the address entry page you can fill in “123″ into all fields and it would work. This is not true anymore. The simple fix would be to just to provide with you a random address in Japan, but that may lead to Sony blocking specific addresses, so I decided to pull a little prank this time.

Why not enter SCE’s own HQ address!? Brilliant. They wouldn’t dare to block their own HQ street address. A quick visit to SCE’s website revealed this page.

So their address is this:
ZIP: 107-0062
Prefecture: Tokyo (東京都)
County/City: 港区南青山
Street Address: 2-6-21

Which then looks like following on the screen:

You must be scared of those Kanji characters. Don’t worry. I’ll explain entering them in the step-by-step guide below.

1. I assume you’ve stepped through the previous pages and you are on the address entry page.
2. You want a keyboard. A lot of USB keyboards should just work plug-n-play style, so give it a shot. If not, then follow the steps below by using the on-screen keyboard.

1. Activate entry for the zip code.
2. Enter this:
“107-0062″ (without double quotes, of course)
3. Activate entry for the country popup menu.
4. Scroll through until you find this one: 東京都
5. Activate the next text field, which is the county/city field.
6. On your keyboard, type the following alphabet phrase in:
7. If you typed it in correctly, you should see this:
if you don’t, then make sure you hit Select button and make sure you are in the correct input mode.
8. Now hit space bar. You should see the characters converted into this:
9. Now, hit enter on your keyboard or hit Start button to get out of the Kanji conversion mode. Hit enter/Start button one more time to get out of the entry page.
10. Activate the next input field for the street address.
11. Enter this:
12. Hit Enter/Start Button to get out of the entry mode.
13. You are done. Follow rest of the YouTube video above. I verified today that there is no more blocking issues afterwards.