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    How to Create Custom Dynamic PS3 Themes

    How to Create Custom Dynamic PS3 Themes

    This (roughly translated) guide comes from Eustolio at: http://www.scenespain.net/foro/tutor...boot-raf-5934/

    A related guide is HERE for how to create a Custom PS3 Boot Logo by editing the Coldboot.raf file.

    Those who have followed the tutorial step to a step, you will be able to start editing themes dynamic without major problems, and also if you keep reading to find load mode p3t via incustrarlos without therein.

    Therefore, we focus on the issue. P3t for subsequent loading customized theme bypassing the step of image-editing and packaging for being dealt with previously.

    Incidentally, and to whet your appetite, you will find material here to go to work
    • Heavy Rain.p3t
    • PrinceOfPersia.p3t
    • make.believe.p3t
    • Wakeboarding.p3t
    • AngelSenki.p3t
    • etc...

    Edit / insertion in Theme.p3t
    So far not released the version of p3tcompiler (to my knowledge), which is supposed ability to compile anim_1.jpg / raf in the theme, so again we use the method manual with hex editor, and the invaluable help of SKFU’s Exploit Loader.

    SKFU’s Exploit Loader
    SKFU this theme by making a call from dev_usb0 loadme.fu.
    Loadme.fu, like many of you know, is a dynamic theme and as I aim, load from the location dev_usb0, this last very useful view to testing the themes published without risks.

    Well, the trick is to open SKFU’s Exploit Loader.p3t (loader.p3t) with the hex editor and change makes the call to dev_hdd0 dev_usb0 also change the text loadme.fu by theme.fu.

    Thanks to this change of location, our p3t loaded from the hdd without having to be connected USB and gaining comfort. Below I show a screenshot of the edition.

    The next step is to send a dev_hdd0 theme.fu!

    However, it should be noted that this method does not charge us any icons on the xmb, since that theme has none inserted. That’s the handicap...

    Therefore, and to follow an order:

    1 – It is always advisable to go testing the theme edited since dev_usb0 to avoid mistakes.
    2 – When we are ready is when SKFU.p3t Hex Edit
    3 – Once we locate theme.fu published in dev_hdd0 via ftp or similar applications.
    4 – Reboot and enjoy.

    I think this whole mess opens the door for good designers, and thereby enjoy the process as I did myself, leaving me many hours of attempts, Here is a video with my results:

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Thanks alot for this! My fiance is a graphics designer and I will ask her to have a look at this and see if she can creat some themes... maybe I can get her to become a member of the site, but for now all she is interested in (as far as the PS3 is concerned) is LBP and watchin movies and sitcoms... lol.

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