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    Quote Originally Posted by Luzifer42 View Post
    ps3mediaserver can use tsMuxer to transcode the videos.
    Yeah, I use this program. It's easily better than tversity...

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    Wow tnx!! This is a great tut!

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    both methods work perfect everytime for me.. thanks !

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    I tried "Super" (freeware) to create excellent M2TS files from mkv. Just select the PS3 blueray from the Super container option.


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    how do i convert a mkv video which has FLAC in it? those programs you guys use don't work

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    Awesome guide, thank you!

    Converting mkv always annoyed me

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    Thank you for your information ^^

    But when I add the file there is a Notice "Unsupported Format, Some track not recognize. This track was ignored. File name..."

    Why is that happening?

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    Because tsMuxeR does not recognise all the subtitle formats that you can put into an MKV.

    That said, the PS3 does not support subtitles in an M2TS stream anyway, so it shouldn't bother you...

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    Thank you very much for your answer ^^

    It's time to convert those .mkv [>=D]

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    Vey nice guide, i've been looking for something like this and here it's so thanks

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