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Thread: How to Convert HD MKV to Blu-ray DVD5/DVD9

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    Post How to Convert HD MKV to Blu-ray DVD5/DVD9

    Advanced High Definition Video Disk Creator is a small GUI that automates the process of TSMuxer and converts automaticaly your high definition matroska video files (.mkv) to AVCHD DVD. AVCHD is a codec made by $ony for its handycams and the AVCHD DVDs can be reproduced only on PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray Players.

    Download: Advanced High Definition Video Disk Creator v2.2

    But whats so special about this little program? Well all of you have some terrabytes of high definition .mkv movies that sit on your HDD and take a huge amount of precious space. Now it's time to backup all this video files, but PlayStation 3 and the Blu-ray players doesnt support the .mkv format.

    Advanced High Definition Video Disk Creator will convert all your HD .mkv files in bootable AVCHD DVDs without reducing the quality of your HD movies. Say you have a movie that it is 4.36GB and its 1280x720 at 23.976 fps after you pass it on Advanced High Definition Video Disk Creator it will convert it to AVCHD DVD as it is 1280x720 at 23.976 fps. The best thing is that it takes only 2-3 minutes for the process!

    How to use it:

    1) Extract the contents of the .exe file at the root directory of one of your HDDs, like C:\
    In the same dir without subdirectories place your .mkv and .srt file. It's important that the name of the .mkv and .srt doesnt contain any invalid character like % . @ or even blank spaces. A good example is:


    2) Now run the Advanced High Definition Video Disk Creator.exe and at:

    Filename of .mkv file enter the name of your .mkv file without the extension .mkv
    Filename of .srt file enter the name of your .srt file without the extension .srt

    3) If you want to add external subtitles check the box "With Subtitles" or else check the box that says "Without Subtitles".

    4) Choose the sound type of your .mkv container: AC3 or DTS.

    5) If you know the exact Width Height and FPS write them or else leave the default width height and fps.

    6) Press the create meta file button.

    7) Press the create iSO button.

    8) Burn your iSO with your favorite burning application. If the iso size is < 4.37GB you need a DVD5
    else if the iSO size is > 4.37GB you'll need a DVD9.

    That's it!

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    dijitalxyz Guest
    I want ask some things.. Advanced High Definition Video Disk Creator creates only ISO?

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    chrisw05 Guest
    I havent seen any comments on this. I found out about this program so i googled up and this is were it brought me! This place seems to be alot more active and i already like it more.

    Anyways i read mixed results and wanna get my hands on this version (Think its the most up to date one) If no luck ill stick with mkv2vob which works just fine but im always trying different things out!

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    warrior2 Guest
    Hey guys,

    Sound indeed so interesting... and honestly I was looking for a solution like this;

    But anyway if someone else had some good experience with this tool... please share with us; meaning did you saw a difference between the mkv file when it is runned on the PC and when it runs from the DVD/DL let say ?

    For the moment i backed up my files in the mkv format so it will be so useful to know if this piece of software works OK

    Normally I am playing the mkv files from a Tvix HDD player; for this player it is neccessary for example to extract the subtitle files in srt format; for the bluray the subtitles will be read directly from the container or not ? and how about the way you select the subtitles ? - is there a menu or smth ??

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    tin1 Guest
    Can the PS3 play files created this way across the network instead of having to burn?

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    savza Guest

    Thank you

    Thank for the info. Very helpful!

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