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Thread: How to Connect to PSN on 3.55 CFW (Noob Friendly)

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    oldskool247 Guest
    finally got it working for meh in EU (germany) thanks for the basics from this tut.

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    mx3 Guest
    Your that message as the certificate over to ps3 has crt after .cer , so you need to rename it remove the (crt) and reboot ps3 after than you should be good to go.. it happen to me last night, when i copy it over at first, the name it had was correct, but up on looking for the file on ps3 i see the name isn't correct.

    Try it and report back..

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    m477uk Guest
    i get the 80710A06 error whilst trying to sign, ive changed the CA24.cer.crt to CA24.cer and i put in the the dev_flash folder, i'm struggling with options now... any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    oldskool247 Guest
    make sure, the crt really changed to cer and compare the size in dev_flash.

    this is the only way it worked for me on vista 64:

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    m477uk Guest
    can't believe it worked m8 you're awesome.

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    freeman727 Guest
    +1 worked for me living in the good ol USA. I used and it worked like a charm. I am on a Mac and have to use boot camp to get this to work. Will this DNS trick work with Parallels?

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    tiggman Guest
    been trying to get this to work and just can't, got everything setup, charles.config file in the right place, edited the *'s out of the map took and proxy setting in charles, got PSNDNS running, got my ip addy from ipchicken, and using the google dns as secondary, transfered the edited crt file to the cert folder on ps3, even noticed that on the PS3UPDATE txt there was i think a typo where it had the update server addy as dus01 instead of fus01. just thik keeps telling me I need to update.. anyone have any ideas?

    I got it fixed, I'm a moron and ipchicken doesn't give the correct ip addy sine i use a router (DOH!) once i got the right addy it worked like a charm. can give a piece of advice to those who are still trying to get it running.

    If you're using the US ps3update.txt file that was included with the programs and all in the original post, you in and check the update server address, its set as "dus01....." need to change that to fus01... got it working with the proper ip address.

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    elessarsi Guest
    Works great, thanks

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    Gr4v1ty Guest
    Thanks for the noob friendly tut, but there's 2 things I didn't understand...
    Open PS3DNS.exe included in the zip file and select your region
    Set the PS3's PRIMARY DNS server to your PC's IP address
    Set the PS3's SECONDARY DNS server to your actual DNS server (e.g. router) or use google DNS which is
    Copy the ps3-updatelist.txt to the root of your C:\ drive - my file is for US update list
    For this, I don't even get to set up the secondary DNS. It just asks me if My ip adresse is 192.168.1.x. Then I say "y" and it stops here. If I say "n" I just put up and then no chance to put secondary and all that why?
    and copy the CA24.cer to /dev_rwflash/data/cert (remember to make a backup of the original!)
    Reboot your PS3.
    And for this one, I don't have /dev_rwflash. I only have /dev_flash ithout rw but I found the CA24. Is it still good?

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    techp51 Guest
    can somebody help me, i'm getting an error when trying to sign in.

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