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    agmarco1967 Guest
    Instead of using the 30 days trial of Charles is it also possible to set this great solution up with something like Fiddler? I' have no problem with buying a license but if it's free...

    Great tut!

  2. #72
    rayman1ray Guest
    I have used all the tools from your post and made everything work as a charm. All until i tried to create a PSN account (since i wipe my herd recently by using that genomania (or how the hack its called) to replace the CA24. Once i the account form selection (create or use existing) and select either of them, wait for a few sec and then i get a error saying that the Connection to the server has timed out. Anybody has a clue on how to fix this ?

  3. #73
    karai22 Guest
    agmarco1967 could you make a tutorial in using Fiddler? i'm having a hard time using it for example finding Proxy -> Reverse Proxies in Fiddler.

    thanks in advance!

  4. #74
    anon777 Guest
    can some make a HOW TO VIDEO plz i don't want to take any chances with what i read i only have 1 ps3 =(

  5. #75
    vnguyen972 Guest
    There must be some other program that is currently running and uses that port... I had LogMeIn and got the same error, so I killed it... and Charles works!

  6. #76
    jackkiej Guest
    Yes it worked!!


  7. #77
    slifer1231 Guest
    make sure you have no other network programs running or they will cause errors you can use internet explorer and browsers but i havent tried any other network programs.

  8. #78
    modmate Guest
    Great Tutorial slifer1231. Very Helpful.+rep

    Greets Modmate

  9. #79
    anon777 Guest
    ok it say make sure to make a backup of your CA24.cer but in my dev flash/data/cert folder i only have ca01 - ca19.cer i don't have a ca20 21 22 23 24 ect.. so do i just copy the ca24.cer over anyway?? thats why i need a vid tut =(

  10. #80
    jackkiej Guest
    you can use it with bittorrent i'm online and bittorrent is running.

    look if you click on r2 just copy it, you need to have freeflash installed...

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