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    DVision44 Guest
    Your updated post cleared things up for me. Finally got it working!! Thanks

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by The End View Post
    Slifer, can you include a link for FreeFlash?
    It's included in this pack and here is the post from RancidoPS3ita who converted it to 3.55 FW.

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    The End Guest
    Wow, I am completely blind. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

    That solved my problem. CA24 is now overwritten & ready to go.

    Apparently the FreeFlash I was using wasn't ported/for the right firmware (I'm on 3.55-KMEAW).

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    rebel101150 Guest
    i'm giving up until tomorrow morning. maybe a clear mind will help me figure this out..

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    The End Guest
    Everything seems to be right, but whenever I'm running Charles, I get:

    Failed to start reverse proxy rule:

    Address already in use: JVM_Bind

    How would I fix this?

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    W0LF Guest
    i cant get this to work. everytime i try to run the opendns 3.2 program, i get it to pull up in the DOS window, and it asks about my ip address, i type "y" and press enter. then it stops working INSTANTLY. Running 64 bit Windows 7 here. any ideas?

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    picalily Guest

    Can i use this Tut. if i have a jailbroken 3.41 PS3 and just upgrade him with a Original firmare to 3.55?


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    str33tzwbb Guest
    ohh man that's all i keep seeing, i've been at this for four hours.. i'm tired i hope a resolution comes.

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    karai22 Guest
    instead of installing AsbestOS just to copy Charles Certificate, you can use dev_blind v1.0

    install and run dev_blind.pkg to your ps3, what it does is it allows you to modify your ps3 dev_flash using FTP Program and Backup manager, in my case i used Filezilla+Gaia 2.07 to copy CA24.cer to my ps3

    hope this help!

    *sorry for my bad english heheheh

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    oldskool247 Guest
    anybody from europe got this to work? I replaced all * with EU instead of US, ps3 connects to my pc, gets forwarded to charles by ps3dns but charles cant reach the Urls. I figured out, that i have to change my Dest value from 84(US) to 85(EU) but Charles still won't connect > PS3 has no internet connection. Anybody got some hints for me?

    Picadily update to kmeaw 3.55, 3.41fw is not supported.

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