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Thread: How to Connect to PSN on 3.55 CFW (Noob Friendly)

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    rebel101150 Guest
    I can't rename the file extension for .crt to cer. How would I go about fixing this?

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    mistermonkey Guest
    nice copy and paste, but still cant get on to PSN - still asking for update... pretty lame

    anyone that this worked for, how'd ya do it? all my settings are exactly as followed...

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    sikxsikxsikx Guest
    check your firewall mistermonkey.

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    jackkiej Guest
    in multiman it doesn't work to, i can't copy the file to dev_flash/data/cert

    when i click copy, nothing happens... and the same when i first try to delete it...

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    slifer1231 Guest
    go to command prompt and type ipconfig and make sure you get the right ip address go to ur ps3 and put that ip as the primary dns and put as the secondary dns.

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    jackkiej Guest
    how did you guys copied ca24.cer to the ps3? i have kmeaw cfw 3.55

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    Anticleric Guest
    Nice. Worked for me. I had to choose US instead of CN when prompted by PS3DNS.exe. I'm in Canada... but I guess I use the US update server. Also my folder is called /dev_fflash/data/cert not /dev_rwflash/data/cert

    Will we have to replace the CA24.cer with the for any reason later?

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    sikxsikxsikx Guest
    Use Comgenie in advanced mode to copy.

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    iBelieveButton Guest
    me too, somehow the 03.55 replace to 03.56 isn't working for me..

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    jackkiej Guest
    doesn't work, i'm trying tomorrow with linux...

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