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Thread: How to Connect to PSN on 3.55 CFW (Noob Friendly)

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    oldskool247 Guest
    except the fact, that half of the freeflash/AsbestOs are not signed for kmeaw 3.55.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    there's a new app out that is even easier to use:

    requires NetFramework 3.5

    1. unzip the archive
    2. install the certificate on your ps3 using freeflash it goes in dev_fflash/data/cert Freeflash for 3.55 is included in the archive (NOTE this certificate is not the same one form charles so to use this you must insatll this certificate)
    3. run the program
    4. enjoy

    No more need for 2 seperate programs plus this one will allow all things on ps3 to run such as pshome which wouldnt run with charles and ps3dns.

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    G16aByT3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oldskool247 View Post
    slifer if you're referring to the newer ps3dns versions (3.1 or 3.2), some people are shown the wrong ip adress. i used your 3.0 version and it works just fine. If you guys still got problems finding your adress, use cmd > ipconfig or look at the details of your networkconnection. IPv4 is your comps adress; the gateway is your router

    BTW: If you go to Tools/Access Control Settings in Charles and Type in the IP of your PS3, you dont have to allow the Connection everytime it connects.

    G16aByT3 compare the size of your fixed CA24.cer with the one in your dev_flash. afaik it should be about 2 KB. if thats not the problem, could you please post a screen of your Charles sequence while it connects?
    I used the Charles cert on the PS3 and its 1.5k instead of .9k as the orginal. here is a screenshot of what is happening and I keep getting error 80028e06 when trying to sign in.

    I tried running this and replacing the cert with the one in the archive and still could not login into PSN kept getting 80028e06 errors all the time.

    I got some head way now. but what is happening is PSN wants me to update to 3.56, so I guess the rewrite is not happening. I had to change the target id that was for UK (87) to US (84) and it didn't have any errors logging in except wanting to update. So I am getting there I guess.

    I finally fixed the problem. I am good to go now and syncing works!!

    For those of you that are US and CAN and are having trouble. Here is the contents of the ps3-updatelist.txt file that worked for me after changing a few things.
    # US
    Something tells me the hash value might correspond to the 3.51 or 3.56 firmware. Just an assumption.


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    freeman727 Guest
    To answer my own question, I was able to run ps3dns.exe and Charles in Parallels and have the DNS bypass work!!

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    haynienhoj Guest
    Charles was giving me the error unable to start reverse proxy, port 80 alread in use JVM_bind.

    Disable indexing services for those on Win7.

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    jackkiej Guest
    look here:

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    rakanx11 Guest


    thanks slifer, but i'm from gulf and do not understand for all this, do you have a video on youtube or any place.. thanks again.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    I don't think this is a working solution anymore.

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