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Thread: How to Connect to PSN on 3.55 CFW (Noob Friendly)

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    hacktek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gr4v1ty View Post
    Thanks for the noob friendly tut, but there's 2 things I didn't understand...

    For this, I don't even get to set up the secondary DNS. It just asks me if My ip adresse is 192.168.1.x. Then I say "y" and it stops here. If I say "n" I just put up and then no chance to put secondary and all that why?

    And for this one, I don't have /dev_rwflash. I only have /dev_flash ithout rw but I found the CA24. Is it still good?
    That step is referring to your ps3, not the ps3dns app. You have to put your pc's ip as a primary dns and whichever other dns as a secondary dns on your ps3.

    That's the theory anyway, i couldn't get this to work and i'm traveling tomorrow so screw it for now

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    iWeapon Guest


    Gonna try this out now.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    the new PS3DNS.exe will give you your pc ip address and ask if it is correct which it is so just hit y and then put the ip address as your primary DNS and then any dns server for the seconday such as google

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    G16aByT3 Guest
    For some reason when the PS3 queries the DNS, charles responds back correctly with the ps3-updatelist.txt and PS3 drops dead. I keep getting a DNS proxy error from the PS3 80028ea6 error. I can't figure it out. I am supposed to use the US servers even when I am from Canada. Any help would be great. By the way all of the proxy configs and the local maps were done correctly in the tutoral.



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    oldskool247 Guest
    slifer if you're referring to the newer ps3dns versions (3.1 or 3.2), some people are shown the wrong ip adress. i used your 3.0 version and it works just fine. If you guys still got problems finding your adress, use cmd > ipconfig or look at the details of your networkconnection. IPv4 is your comps adress; the gateway is your router

    BTW: If you go to Tools/Access Control Settings in Charles and Type in the IP of your PS3, you dont have to allow the Connection everytime it connects.

    G16aByT3 compare the size of your fixed CA24.cer with the one in your dev_flash. afaik it should be about 2 KB. if thats not the problem, could you please post a screen of your Charles sequence while it connects?

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    oldskool247 Guest
    compare your "fixed" CA24.cer with the file in dev_flash. It should have a size about 2 KB. If thats not the Problem, please upload a screen of the Charles sequence while it connects to the network.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    what are you using for your secondary DNS i use googles

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    jackkiej Guest
    is it possible that the CA24.cer is not copied, i had this too, just install freeflash.. the real ca24.cer (on your ps3) is around 700 bytes, if you copy the one from charles then it is over 1 kb (awesome file manager says 1 kb...)

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    oldskool247 Guest
    had the same problem at first, i used dev_blind. it mirrors dev_flash so you can access and copy the cer file easily with your ftp manager.

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    jackkiej Guest
    yeah that is almost the same, dev_blind is newer...

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