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    thanks! My ps3 60GB CECHA01 can downgrade ver 1.00 or later but i dont know how to downgrade it

    Who can help me?

    Sorry my bad english!

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    My Minvrchk Says... Update Data of Version 3.40 or later can be Installed on this system... (8002F967)

    It can be hacked soft or is a hard hack needed?
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    thanks man. ı am a new man her and it helps me.. thank you!

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    Oct 2014
    Hi. great tutorial.

    Now I just hope that there is a way to jailbreak ps3 slim (it can be as i have already checked the cech..) on ofw 3.56 without opening it up!!


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    Thank you for the guide.

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    Thenk you for this i now know why i cant downgrade my ps3 to 3.55

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    Very useful. Thanks

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    hello every one. I'm locking to downgrade an 4.25 ofw but i don't know if the base firmware its under 2.55.

    Its any chance to jailbreak the base firmware its under 2.55. Can someone help me with an version checker. TNX in advance.
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    Thanks for the guide!


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