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    the G O D Guest
    its good thanks

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    rawandy Guest
    Thanks a lot

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    pafas Guest

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    dannyboi2222 Guest

    cech-3001b b-ofw

    version of 3.72 or later can be installed on this system (8002f967) this is bad news for me as far as jb ?

    Quote Originally Posted by hellonearth View Post
    I got this: Update Data of version 3.60 or further can be installed on this system. Does this mean I can't jailbreak my ps3 at all?
    that's what i'm wondering

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    medoreslan Guest

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    ImZeeApex Guest
    I go to update with storage device and it says it can not detect.. What shall i try/do?

  7. #57
    Rickid Guest
    Thank You, I have the Original 80Gb model CECHE01 with the ps2 hardware. It says I can go to Ver 1.0, Thanks Again!

  8. #58
    psychotik Guest
    Awesome! I didnt know this existed either, Thanks Bro!

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    AoS Guest
    Somone reply quick mine says 3.72 so i guess i can't jailbreak it or ?

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    syborftw Guest
    i will test in my console

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