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  1. #41
    UnboundGodz Guest
    I knew this before i got on to this but thank you for the guide. mine can go down to 3.40 OFW BooYahh slim model lol

  2. #42
    Proximus85 Guest
    very useful tnx

  3. #43
    phoenixian Guest
    man i have a 4.25 on the ps3 fat and the update showed me that i can downgrade to 1.90 how can i downgrade without having to pay ??

    thx you for your time and keep up the good work

  4. #44
    deputydawg Guest
    I have done a ton of reading and what I see is you are going to have to get a programmer of some type or have someone downgrade it for you.

  5. #45
    mscyber Guest
    you may have to find the firmware out on the internet to download it and burn it to a CD, but you my be forced to upgrade it when you sign into the PSN.

  6. #46
    thedemon44 Guest
    Thank you sir, this was most helpful!

  7. #47
    bountielol Guest
    Thanks m8, apparently i have version max downgrade version 3.66.

  8. #48
    kunaldhameja Guest

  9. #49
    Kisje Guest
    Thanks for sharing this information !!!

  10. #50
    spartanwarrior Guest
    so when we know we can downgrade to 3.40 minimum, how exactly can we do it? without a flasher?

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