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  1. #31
    suudee Guest
    Thanks mate , very useful.

  2. #32
    drdr3133 Guest
    hi dude, my ps3 is 320G. cech 3004B. base version 4.10 but now update to 4.41 can i downgrade and hack it?

    if yes how can i do that plz


  3. #33
    gnugget13245 Guest
    ok, so it ways I can downgrade to about 2.45 I think. definitely 2. something. anyway when I try to downgrade to 3.55, it says no applicable update data was found. what do I do?

  4. #34
    Ion7457 Guest
    Awesome. Is there any way for me to downgrade my ps3 4.41ofw to 3.35 ofw without a flasher? I REALLY want to install 3.55 Kmeaw onto my ps3.

  5. #35
    WolF88Killler Guest
    this is very useful thx

  6. #36
    hellonearth Guest
    I got this: Update Data of version 3.60 or further can be installed on this system. Does this mean I can't jailbreak my ps3 at all?

  7. #37
    graham Guest
    i think you are having superslim which is not jailbreakable... sorry about that.

  8. #38
    quanta Guest
    i have 4.41 and i can Downgrade to 3.60, so i can't get Jailbreak??

  9. #39
    zackcom Guest
    thanks mate for the guide.. finally I can jailbreak my ps3...

  10. #40
    JeoWay Guest
    Nice. Although its very easy and most people know what it is. I'm glad you were able to create a guide based on how to (considering I've told many people to use it before attempting a downgrade and them may not knowing what it is.

    +rep for you my friend!

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