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    UrKoS Guest
    Ahhhh so need to wait a bit. Thanks mate great help so far.

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    saints42 Guest
    thanks for reply

  3. #23
    pandulce1 Guest
    Nice, easy to understand tutorial. And a great tool to have. Thanks.

  4. #24
    xxsmilexx Guest
    thanks for nice advice

  5. #25
    ahltru Guest
    This program says my CECH-2501A Slim can be upgraded from 3.50 or later.

  6. #26
    stinDR Guest
    I have a fat ps3 with ofw 4.40. I tried the MinVerChk with the usb but it says "no applicable update data was found." Does this mean it isn't reading my usb? or do is there something else I need to do for it to work?

  7. #27
    elser1 Guest
    put the usb in the far right port and see if that works. having a fat ps3 you can downgrade to 3.55 though if thats what you are wondering. from the 1st post:

    Base Firmware for fat PS3 model:
    40GB CECHG04 - Fat OFW 1.90 (Max. Downgrade)
    40GB CECHG04 - Fat OFW 1.90 (Max. Downgrade)
    60GB CECHC04 - Fat OFW 1.0 (Max. Downgrade)
    60GB CECHC04 - Fat OFW 1.1 (Max. Downgrade)
    80GB CECHK04 - Fat OFW 2.16 (Max. Downgrade)
    CHECHE11 80GB - Fat OFW 2.40 (Max. Downgrade)
    Fat DECR1400A - FWD 2.60 (Max. Downgrade)
    80GB CECHE01 - Fat OFW 1.00 (Max. Downgrade)
    160 GB CECHP04 - Fat OFW 2.45 (Max. Downgrade)

  8. #28
    stinDR Guest
    Great I got it to work thanks. Now I will look for a way to downgrade so I can use it the damn thing. The blu ray lens won't read discs anymore.

  9. #29
    imaqee Guest
    my ps3 version 4.31 does not read the update.

    help please?

  10. #30
    Anvity Guest
    Useful guide..

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