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    Jun 2012
    Thanks for the initiative m8.

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    Aug 2012
    This is exactly what I needed before starting my downgrade phase, thank you!

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    thanks !!!

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    thank you really much for this

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    I have ps3 cech3004. Base ofw is 3.66. Can i downgrade lower than base firmware? I am new in ps3 and i don't know everything yet.

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    hey noob to all this and it worked for me thanks

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    Thank you for the guide it was very helpful

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    Nov 2012
    Thanks for the downgrade check guide. Ps3 forever!!

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    Nov 2012
    Cheers mate. Mine says version 1.0 i guess its because its an original 60gb ps3. Whats my next step to downgrading from 4.31 that is currently on the system.

    I understand i need a flasher but can this be made at home or is it something that needs to be bought? Total Newbie.

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    you need to get it online and its not cheap.

Closed Thread
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