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    How to Change Background Wallpaper for Games on PS3

    How to Change Background Wallpaper for Games on PS3

    Step 1:
    Find wallpaper size 1920x1080

    Step 2:
    Save your pictures to. PNG (must PIC1.PNG)

    Step 3:
    Transfer your pictures to USB

    Step 4:
    Copy your PIC1.PNG to your PS3 game folder PS3_GAME replace PIC1.PNG (You sould choose Copy file)
    example with game Heavy Rain BCES00802
    / dev_hdd0/GAMEZ/ BCES00802 /PS3_GAME you will see PIC1.PNG

    After this, go to the directory multiMAN
    / dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/cache

    You will see one file with name BCES00802_1920.PNG (rename PIC1.PNG to BCES00802_1920.PNG and replace it)

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    Thanks for sharing the guide daivyphuong and +Rep!

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    you're welcome mate thanks for reply!!!

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    Dec 2010
    Nice guide man, just want to add that the same can also be done to the game icon.

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    yes you can change game ico with tut

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    Nice tutorial. I always liked switching backgrounds on games and save files to mess with people who used my psp

    Good times

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    very good!

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    Nice n lovely tutorial.. Thanks mate

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    you're welcome all enjoy!!!


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