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    Post How to Bypass PS3 Firmware Update 2.30+ via PS3 Proxy

    The tutorial below tells you how to connect to your PS3 on PSN on lower firmwares (2.30+), translated below.

    That is, we leave this simple guide for your console to connect to PSN without having to upgrade to the latest firmware (2.70)

    You can do everything that you could always do: Play online, access the PS Store, PS Home, and everything else. There are probably problems with games that go ahead, but is unlikely.

    What do you need?

    - PS3 with firmware 2.30 and up.
    - Need to connect your console to a proxy, so you'll need a PC or Laptop a medium that has an Internet connection.

    The idea is to connect your console to your PC, this requires that the PS3 is connected to your computer using a router or a hub / switch. (Probably works with your console connected directly to the PC using a crossover network cable or wireless connection.)

    PS3 PC <---> <---> Internet

    Instructions for your PC or laptop:

    1. Download PS3ProxyServerGUI and tutorial file pack.
    2. Unzip the contents to your hard drive. Remember to create a folder for her.
    3. On your PC, go to "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ Etc". It opened the file with any text editor such as Notepad hosts and add the following lines at the end of the file (see below):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    It should be something like:

    Instructions PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe

    1. Locate the Local IP address. To do this go to Start Menu-> Run. write cmd.
    Then type ipconfig in cmd and will see a list like the figure below:

    They may appear more directions, it is important to find one that matches the local connection. It usually begins with 192,168 .*.*

    2.Open PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe. Enter the address of your local computer. The default port is 8080, you can change it if you want.

    Instructions for configuring proxy on your PS3 console

    1. In the console, go to Settings-> Network Settings Then go to Internet Connection Settings.

    It choose: Custom-> Auto-Detect> IP Address setting: Manual

    IP Address: the first 3 numbers must match that of your local connection in your PC (For example, if your local address is, 192.168.1.X must place, where X any number above 100)
    Subnet Mask: The same for your computer (usually
    Default Router: if using router (check the address of the router if you have one) if they are connected to the PC via crossover cable, see Gateway in the Control Panel
    Primary DNS: Set the local address of your PC
    Secondary DNS: You can use the same IP Router Default.

    2. MTU Automatic. (Not relevant in this case).
    3. Proxy Server -> Use

    Address: The address of your local PC
    Port Number: 8080 or that you've changed PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe Instructions

    4. UPnP: Disable (If you have a router, can take on, is irrelevant in this case).
    5. Accept Changes

    No need to test connection

    Back in PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe Instructions

    1. Click on the Start button to start the program.
    2. In attempting to connect your console to PS3 PSN. Get an error message. By Ignorenlo while.
    3. ProxyServer back in, go to logs tab. While trying to connect PS3, they will see in logs that appear similar to an address

    The direction depends on the region of your console, so you can change. Copy the address in the clipboard.

    Now is the time to redirect this file

    4. In ProxyServer go to the Replace Files tab. It pressed the Add button to create 2 horizontal boxes.

    On the left side to put the http address that appeared in logs
    On the right side you must use a txt file to trick the server that verifies that PSN has the latest firmware installed. To do this, go to the button to review and select the file ps3-updatelist.txt in file pack you downloaded above.

    Important: The txt file that comes in the rar is the USA version of the console. If your console is European, you need to edit that file (See below):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Now that everything is ready, it's time to try. Try to connect to PSN on your console. Should be online now.

    Note: If you look at ProxyServer, if all went well, you should see that the file was moved successfully, as you will see below.

    There you go! No reason to update your PS3 for a while now.
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