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    Still unable to work on 3.55 without psn

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    Dec 2009
    Is this still working? I might be getting Netflix if it is hopefully...

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    I can't see NPUP000303 and NPUP00030 folder in hdd0/game, i use debug 3.55 version.

    ok i found Netflix 2.01 original:

    version 2.02 but not working, sorry double post my internet is very slow.

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    Dec 2009
    So Netflix works for you?

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    why don't you just try it to see for yourself?

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    Dec 2009
    That's a good suggestion. guess it wouldn't hurt to be disappointed if it doesn't lol...

    Didn't notice the additional page

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    Dec 2011
    I like the latest Netflix app: it has a second category on startup, just for kids in the household, if that matters, so kids can browse for content appropriate for them.

    Stock PS3 Slim running latest firmware.

    Using PS3 firmware 4.11 and Netflix 2.06

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    if only we could patch out or return authentication as true from within the netflix package for use with MFW 3.55, using playon just isn't the same

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    just cancelled sky (what a rip off) netflix is the way forward

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    Oct 2013
    Does anybody know if netflix is working for 3.55 cfw users? Id like to be able to get on net flix when navi-x is down or just being slow.

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