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Thread: How to Boot PSN Games with MultiMAN Guide

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    daivyphuong Guest

    Post How to Boot PSN Games with MultiMAN Guide

    How to boot PSN Games with Multiman Guide

    You must have:
    • Multiman version 4.01+
    • gameDATA ver 2.0
    • PkgView_1.2


    Step 1

    Install gameData after install gameData you have GAMEI in EXTERNAL HDD

    Step 2

    Use PkgView extract game (you want), extract fix game with pkg view and replace fix with your game

    Step 3

    Copy game to GAMEI

    Step 4

    Copy RELOAD.SELF(0kb but no problem) to same folder game's EBOOT.bin file

    Step 5

    load multiman refresh and load game PSN with multiman. Do not boot game from /app_home/PS3_GAME/ and disc icon game not work.Scroll down on your XMB Game column until you find the PSN load and play it.

    you must delete game from the XMB. Do not delete from multiman!

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for sharing the guide daivyphuong and +Rep!

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    gringos Guest
    thnx dude

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    cyclonmaster Guest
    Thanks for this. nice way to play backup games from PSN.

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    SSJX Guest
    thanks daivyphuong

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    quozzerx Guest
    Good to know, thanks!

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    Bigweezy18 Guest
    Can someone explain this a little better... I'm not sure what GAMEI is in Ext. HDD?

    Also am i suppose to have the game installed already or i can just go ahead and put the game on the ext harddrive?

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    Quozz Guest
    Sounds good - I'll give it a go, thnaks!

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    Bigweezy18 Guest
    did anyone get this to work or is there a better way out there... because i would love to keep my games organized and mostly everything on my ext. hdd

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    windrider42 Guest
    There is a post here on game data tool, might help you understand:

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