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    dont work for me. I installed gamedata but it didn't create GAMEI

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    there is an easier way to load pkg files from multiman upload via ftp to internal hard drive in tmp pkg folder and then go in and find the tmp pkg folder and click on pkg file it will at it to install pkg in xmb i did it yesterday with splinter cell chaos theoy hd and works like a charm faster and easier

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    I think what daivyphuong meant is that this will teach us how the "game.pkg" will be launched from ExternalHDD via gameDATA2/multiMAN like any other retail backups... Am I right daivyphuong?

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    Mediafire link offline.

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    anyone have the reload.self file? I have everything else I need... since the OP's link is down, though, I can't get the last file I need.

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    Try the link posted, and see what happens, reload is onboard of it, try ! Only mediafire is death, but not the other one !

    Easy isn't it... lol

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    ok, I'm just really stupid lol

    thank you!!

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    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by psp joe View Post
    Mediafire link offline.
    sorry man, my acc mediafire is banned

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    can you please make a video step by step on what to do please?

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