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    How to Block Traffic on an Actiontec MI424 Router (Verizon FIOS)

    How To Block traffic from * on an Actiontec MI424 router (Verizon FIOS)

    Info: When this rule is created and enforced on your router, all traffic to sites ending in will be completely blocked. This way you can still have internet/LAN access on your PS3 but only block traffic from sony domains. The following router is one currently being installed to clients of Verizon FIOS internet.

    1. Log in to router: typically with whatever your default username and password is.

    2. After logging in go to the "Parental Control" tab.

    3. In Step 1 of this screen select the correct IP you have assigned to your PS3 and hit Add.

    4. In Step 2 of this screen check "Block the following Websites and Embedded Keywords within a Website" so it is enabled. Type in in the website box. As an alternate you can even type in playstation in the "Embedded keyword within a Website:" box. Hit ADD. Under the schedule section check each one of the days of the week so they are all selected. Keep "Rule will be Active at the Scheduled Time" selected, Keep the start times default at 1am.

    5. Create a rule name and description (doesnt matter for reference only)

    6. Hit Apply to enforce the newly created rule.

    To Test if correct: Boot up PS3 and go to the "Whats New" tab. If you see a bunch of boxes with no content/logos and if clicked on if you get a (80028E02) error, then the rule is working correctly. To test to make sure all other traffice besides this is working correctly, open up the PS3 browser and go to or even

    It should load but once you reach a point where you are hitting the download button on something on there, you should get an error screen with a message from your router saying access denied to: and give the full URL of where it was trying to reach out to.

    Last but not least I would love to get feedback from anyone who knows more about blocking sonys traffic than what I have found thus far.

    Thanks Drizzt for the info and thanks to EVERYONE else who has contributed to the scene. Hopefully things pick up soon!

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    Thanks for sharing the guide krazyka85 and +Rep!

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    This is one of the many things I have done, and also added many keywords. I was thinking of doing a tut for mine, Netgear WNR2000v2.

    At the moment I have my modded ps3 locked out fully from the web, connecting with wireless but with limited LAN access, and I have 2 stock PS3's connecting on the guest side of the wireless, with no LAN access just web access, and no media servers or pnp, within the XMB network settings. I found this way made my network performance improved considerably, and I no longer get jumping on live/catchup TV anymore, or get kicked out of games because of latency so much, if at all.

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    What keywords did you include? And does that mean say if you include "sony" as a keyword that it will block any traffic from any url that has sony in it? If so wouldn't this block out a lot of legit site traffic that isn't actually from sony at all?

    I think everyone should write up a tutorial for the many different routers out there for the less technical people so its easier for them to create these rules.

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    Yes affectively keywords and domain names can be blocked, in many new routers, i got mine from a cable guy for a cup of tea and a bun, because his previous costumer used his own. So if you see a cable van, pop the kettle on.

    Have a look here:

    Hope this helps like your tut does.

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    can I use this method to play online while my device is jailbreaked using gaia?

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    Currently PSN is down for everyone, and chances are when it comes back online with beefed up security there won't be a method right away to play online with a JB/CFW PS3. Your best bet is to wait for it to come back online and then watch the Site News for any new developments in that area, but odds are even if a new work-around is found Sony will detect and ban consoles or PSN accounts using it so in the end it may be safer to have a second non-modded/stock PS3 for online use.

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