- DVD Shrink (
- VobMerge (Not needed but helpful:
- A PS3

1. Insert DVD into drive.

2. Using DVD Shrink open the DVD drive and select the Reauthor Tab at the top.

3. Choose the parts of the DVD you want, Menus will be unusable so dont even try to keep them. Basically all you need is the main title + your Audio track. For decent DVD sound just keep the 5.1 Dolby.

4. Under Compression settings make sure you select "No Compression" when you do this there will be a warning most of the time ignore it. If you use the compression the sound will not work just the video and it will be a little choppy.

5. Click Backup this will create 2 folders in which ever destination you set it to. The folders will be called Audio_TS and Video_TS. The only one we need is Video_TS. When you open the Video_TS folder there are quite a few files we dont need. The ones we need are called VTS_1_1.VOB, VTS_1_2.VOB, etc. mostly in 5 files to 6.

6. This part is where we put them into 2-3 different files so that we can put them on the FAT32 filesystem of the PS3. So open program VobMerge and place the first 2-3 files in order and merge them into 1 file. Call this file* DVD_Part1 or whatever you want. Make sure the outputing file is less than 4gb.

7. After that put the other 2-3 files together making sure that the output is less than 4gb again.

8. Now we have 2 files DVD_Part1.VOB and DVD_Part2.VOB copy these over to your PS3 HD, (I use a 80gig usb HD)

9. In the XMB under video find your DVD_Part1 and hit PLAY. When Part1 is over select part2.

There you go.. all done! You still have your surround sound and a complete high-res movie on your PS3, no need to scratch up your dvds.