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Thread: How to add a USB Port to the Back of the PS3 Guide

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    Post How to add a USB Port to the Back of the PS3 Guide

    Note: It is more than likely you will VOID your warranty/insurance as this is something you decided to do. Do this at your own risk, or don't do it at all. You have been warned!

    Be careful not to lose screws, and make sure you watch the video a few times and fully understand before attempting this.

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    G Sus Guest
    thanks loads , this is exactly what i've been looking for, i have a laptop cooler that has 3 usb ports and a memory card reader built in, it glows blue and looks great under my ps3, but it looks awful being plugged into the front.

    i'll have a go at this. (maybe post a pic when its finished)

    going to take a lot longer than i expected, mine is a slim, more research needed. any help would be greatly accepted. even just a prod in right direction.

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    jedaking Guest
    is there a guide for slim models?

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    G Sus Guest
    i'm currently in the process of attempting this. (on a slim)

    i've worked out how to take a link from the front left usb port. but then its not a true usb port more like just an extension of the one on the front. effectively it will be just moving the front left one to the rear and then blocking up the front left port.

    I intend to run a laptop cooler from it that has 3 usb ports built in. (Front port would become unusable hence blocked off) this will sit underneath the PS3 and glow blue., with the 3 ports being at the rear out of site, 1 for EXT hd 1 for controller cable, and 1 spare.

    leaving the front right usb port totally intact for usb stick FW updates etc.

    if all gos well and i don't blow anything up. i'll post step by step pics and a guide as soon as its ran for a few weeks without problems.

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    jedaking Guest
    Cool, hope it goes well

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    Portalcake Guest
    Apparently he's posted another video:

    This looks like the right way to do it. A real internal USB hub. If I find enough space inside my system, I may just try it with USB001. IIRC the description of the mod basically goes like this:


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    PS 4 Guest
    if i use usb hub my external drive, dualshock can be detect... but if i not use usb hub both of my usb port not detect external drive, dualshock.. how to fix it...

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