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    Thumbs Up Guide to Updating Progskeet with Infectus 1 / 2 Programmer

    Hello all!

    Here's a quick guide on how to update your Progskeet with your old Infectus 1 / 2 modchip (Injectus not needed)

    1) Connect your Infectus to your PC and open the Infectus Programmer software
    2) Open the 'Actel Firmware' menu and select 'JTAG Programmer' and hit 'Program'
    3) When finished programming, solder your Infectus to your Progskeet (see diagram attached)


    4) On your Progskeet, open R7, close R8 (power from USB only)
    5) Connect a USB cable to your Infectus THEN a USB to your Progskeet
    6) Open Infectus Programmer again & select 'Tools' then 'Open Infectus'
    7) Tick the box 'Use External JTAG' & then click 'Load DAT'
    8) Hit 'Program' & wait for it to complete
    9) When it's done - unplug USBs and enjoy!

    Note - if you get unknown ID code (fffffff) unplug the USB from the Progskeet & reconnect - then press 'Program' again
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    infectus2JTAG.jpg   IMG_0228.jpg  

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