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Thread: Guide to Unlock All Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Klassic Characters from Disc

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    RandyMarsh Guest

    Confused having problems

    how do I save this file to my ps3, having some problems with this, can anyone post step by step?

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    Robg703 Guest


    so can someone tell me how to put the dlc costumes on my ps3. i've been trying for a while. thanks in advance.

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    bambam1978 Guest
    does any one know the password tho the archive that i dl from megaupload?? thanks

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    Apr 2005


    It is right in the first post, directly below the download links.

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    brbarnett Guest
    OK, I may just be dense, but I downloaded the save game, however I don't know how to get it onto my PS3... Someone please help!! I'm a noob when it comes to this sort of thing!!

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    GTODriver Guest
    Even with copying the save I can't seem to get this to work. Do you need a modded ps3 to actually mod your own save. For some reason the costumes never appear, how do i access "PS3TOC.TXT (USRDIR\) and COALESCED.INI (USRDIR\CONFIG\)" if I knew how to I wouldnt be spinning my sheels here dumbfounded lol.

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    KYGuy731 Guest

    I am new to the PS3 modding scene, but I have messed A LOT with psp cracking. I simply would like to know how to do this as stated above...
    Could somone PLEASE descride "HOW" to do this exactly? As I would REALLY like to use the Mortal Kombat DLC skins with my own current MK9 save file.

    TYVM all for those who reply.

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    Tiger007 Guest
    You can replace these files with FlashFXP. You must connect your ps3 with your computer with FlashFXP and go to the MK map on your PS3.

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    agreer07 Guest
    Do you know how to do this MK9 DLC step by step and can it work if I'm using a Mac.

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    GTODriver Guest
    So you need cfw to do this, damn I'm out. 3.60 here so I'm sol.

    Without cfw this isn't possible. If I were to lend someone, doesn't have to be you, could you do it for me?

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