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    Guide: Swapping PS3 CFW, MFW and OFW Firmware Without USB

    Below is a guide courtesy of Shaitan (via on swapping PS3 CFW, MFW and OFW Firmware without a USB device to install the PlayStation 3 Firmware you prefer.

    To quote: I'm always looking for ways to make my PS3 experience easier so this was awesome. It's nothing special but I'm constantly needing to change firmwares like many of you so I thought I'd share it.

    To do this it's best to use QA Flag Extra since most firmwares can not enable "System Update Debug".

    1. Enable QA Flag Extra and go to the debug settings and enable "System Update Debug"
    2. Use Multiman's file manager (or other) and create a folder in /dev_hdd0 called "updater", so it's /dev_hdd0/updater/
    3. Create folders in that directory for the firmwares called 01, 02, 03, ect. (Don't miss a number or it will error).
    4. Copy whichever PS3UPDAT.PUP into one of those folders and........
    5. Rename it to whatever you want, you dont even need the .PUP at the end.
    6. Go to System Update then Update via Hard Disk and it should look something like this:

    P.S. Updates take only 3 minutes with this!
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    Nice tested and works flawless. Just crap a debug vsh.self >> reboot >> activate system update debug in debug settings >> follow the tut >> use togle QA >> downgrader your con

    I use toggle QA cause qa_flag_tools don't work for me.

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    Nice tutorial mate, although its nothing new it was something i found out in the first 30 min of playing around with the QA in day 1 of the qa extra and experimental etc. Don't get me wrong its nice to gather the info in one post. Also in the proper QA irc we had talked about several experiments with the debug update on (eg downgrade through recovery not service mode etc). Well done again mate on writing this tut.

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    Well it is kind of cool for those people who own both dongles since they can swap firmwares easier, but there still is the waiting time for the firmware to install.

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    Yup. Been doing this since the rtlease of qa flag extra. I've got every single fw in the updater folder from 1.10. However, Id like to add that there are certain situations where you can't use this method and have to do it through the rec menu, like downgrading most of the time.

    But it's useful also for upgrades don't forget. Seeing that the qa token is set even after downgrading, you can use it to upgrade as well.

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    My launch PS3 won't let me install same version FW from XMB

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    Some can't work that way. But if your on rebug and trying to change fw remember to switch to retail cex mode before or it will think your on a higher fw because of the spoof

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    yeah flashed 3.55 OFW & tried it still got the same version error

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    lol 3 minutes. It took 13 minutes for me since i'm using a NAND 256MB, which takes more longer to update than the NOR ones.

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    Regarding going up and down in FW versions is there still the well known problem of killing BluRay playback after going down in FW versions?


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