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  1. #41
    tkm2243 Guest
    i have a question about this

    1 if i put rojero 3.55 in folder 01
    2 if i put hen cfw 4.00 in folder 02
    3 if i put rebug cfw 3.55 v2 in folder 03

    will i be able to switch back and forth between? and if yes will i lose my save dat.pkg's backups etc?

  2. #42
    PS3Jihad Guest
    No, if you go to anything above 3.56 you will lose your qa flag and debug options and be stuck on higher FW, there is no way back from 3.56+ without hardware.

  3. #43
    tkm2243 Guest
    thanks man i've been debating on trying this but i would of put the 4.00 hen pup in a folder and screwed myself

  4. #44
    PS3Jihad Guest
    1 ok
    2 not ok, don't go above 3.56 or you lose all things like service mode / qa token etc.
    3 need to use recovery menu to swap Rebug I think.

    You won't lose any content when you use hard disk updater to swap between official FW, cant say about ALL other cfw as some pups will wipe the Hdd.

  5. #45
    cfwprophet Guest
    PS3Jihad you have missunderstood i havn't sayed that 01 is wrong. And i have seen Retail IDPS with 02 for what we have seen 01 is used in Debug/Test consoles and not in retail ones. But anyway i haven't seen every idps available. And it is not AO its A0 this is a very big diff.

    Then QA flag above 3.56 your right but not about debug options at all. If you do it on normal way like the user want to do YES. But if you convert your PS3 to a DEBUGGER one NO. Cause the leaked special downgrader pup's work up to 3.72 FW. Which means you would even be able to downgrade the convertet debugger con from 3.72 << to minimal your base factory FW.

    For sure this also depends on which console revision you have. Aka 3000 are not so god. For now keep away from them. Time will show us.

    No updating or downgrading will not affect your save data, saved games or any other content. Can't say about activations for DLC's or PSN games cause i don't have one and there for can't test it.

  6. #46
    PS3Jihad Guest
    Sorry, I just mean I never have seen any retail IDPS with 4th byte 02 like you say, I've seen quite a few, no 02 ever, that is all I mean.

    As for AO it was a typo, as you can see in the big list i posted just before that I know it is A0. Anyway this conversation was about converting to debug DECH = 82 so I was right with 82, sorry, no offence meant.

    Some pups will wipe the hdd so be careful telling people that it wont ever do it, some do, like some downgrader pups

  7. #47
    cfwprophet Guest
    This guid is for Swapping CFW/MFW/OFW not for converting into Debugger Console or using downgrader pup's. To time no user here have ask about to downgrade via the special downgrader pup so also no reason for the wipe hdd's thingy.

    And you not right about x82 in case of the user here have done and asked WHY he don't have ALL debug options enabled like the debugger. And i answered that x82 to use for Debugger is wrong. So whats up ?

  8. #48
    PS3Jihad Guest
    I was replying to this post and thought that is what the conversation had changed to. nothing more, you mentioned 01 and 82 being wrong. I thought it was right to change to 82 for what he wanted to do. sorry, no offense.. forget i mentioned it.

    I think arktos's idea about using downgrader pup is very good and could be a nice way for people to downgrade without any hardware.

    that is why i mentioned the downgrader pup wiping hdd. as for access rights and debug being 4th byte 02 etc I think that has nothing to do with the IDPS and you are possibly talking about something completely different (maybe to do with the files inside .pups and not releted to the IDPS?) no offence i might be wrong and maybe some debug or retail IDPS do have 4th byte 02.

    When i said this conversation is about installing debug FW on retail I meant the current topic being discussed and not the thread title.

  9. #49
    arktos Guest
    that was exactly my point. of course i really want a conversion to be true but this downgrade method has came to my mind, as cfwprophet talked about special downgrade pups for 3.72 debug consoles. because this thing only includes changing the idps and nothing more so no need for any decrypted files.

    and about A0: this is sony's internal system debugger, which isn't available public for any user and only sony engineer. to get use of the lower levels and dissassemble it.

    the things we are talking about should work on a dex or a reference tool. the reference tool is the developing machine and the dex is the debugging machine, this is at least what i get from the sdk dox. on dex, the debugger works EITHER in system software mode OR debugger mode but not release mode. only the tool can handle system related things such as core dump, handlers and ethernet debug.

    i don't think we can replicate any system debugger with flags. those flags are not known public i assume, or does anybody have seen a system debugger live?

  10. #50
    cfwprophet Guest
    I will will post a lot of infos today but your right now A0 is the key Have you tried it already ?

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