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Thread: Guide: Swapping PS3 CFW, MFW and OFW Firmware Without USB

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    arktos Guest
    000000010082000B this i have changed to. on both regions, eid0/eid5

    edit from




    both occurrences

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    cfwprophet Guest
    ok 00 00 00 01 is fine cause normal on retail it would be 00 00 00 02 or 00 looks like access rights to me but anyway 82 is not ok. Just try to search with google and figure it out. If you can't find i'll tell you

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    ps3hen Guest
    This is getting interesting can you tell me too?

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    arktos Guest
    sorry, but i already have searched for this some time. rikukh3 has posted some things on ngu and those infos from wiki. nothing more i have found so far and i don't know what else or what has to be changed. someone said sth here about qa flag, that i can try. but why is that target id wrong? on irc someone said it is only plaintext in idps

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    bloodyface Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    To clarify:

    After updating to 3.55.2 Rebug i was NOT able to simply jump back to a older fw version. Even with system debug option. There for we still would need the special downgrader pup's to be able to downgrade software wise from xmb with this new function. But on Rebug you still can use togle QA (if you have untogled your con after) and just downgrade back to the fw version you want.

    Maybe we will find a way to convert the special downgrader pup's to use on retail cons. Should be possible
    Hence we need each time to install "CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP" to swap from 3.55 to 3.41 by QA flag? But this special pup will delete Game data and installed pkgs by this downgrade?

    Can we add a swap folder With this 3.55 special pup and use this "QA flagged" swap in this order:

    1-PS3 3.41 QA flagged
    2-Update to 3.55 by QA flag
    3-Swap to 3.55 special downgrade pup by QA flag
    4-Downgrade/swap to 3.41 by QA flag

    You have probable swap to your 3.41 with that way and can you confirm me it work with no problem and without lose of datas?


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    PS3Jihad Guest
    Yes, this is right, the 6th byte of should be changed to 82 for debug. It was 85 which mean your console was a european retail originally.

    Obviously you are right with your first step "82" as it allows the debug pup to install which didn't happen before you changed it, dont let anyone put you off, you are on the right track. I'm wondering, apart from Debug PS3 consoles being able to install any debug pups what is it advantage to having Rebug on a retail? (Other than the fact that it could be upgraded to 4.01 debug etc)

    Isn't Rebug better as its fully hacked and has features from a few different firmwares, ie 2 different debug menus etc?

    Are you sure its to do with accesss rights? I thought he was talking about the consoles EID but i could be mistaken

    84 = US retail
    85 = EU retail
    89 = AU retail
    87 = UK retail etc

    Edit: found a more complete list

    Value - Console Type
    81 Reference Tool (DECR)
    82 Debug (DECH)
    83 Retail Japanese
    84 Retail America/Canada
    85 Retail Europe
    86 Retail South Korea
    87 Retail United Kingdom
    88 Retail Mexico
    89 Retail Australia/New Zealand
    8A Retail South Asia
    8B Retail Taiwan
    8C Retail Russia
    8D Retail China (Never released)
    A0 System Debugger (Sony Internal)

    PS3 wiki also says 8th byte is your motherboard revision, so yours is 0B = a slim JTP-001 or JSD-001 or KTE-001 most probably.

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    arktos Guest
    it would be awesome to have rebug with full running debug functions as it is a hybrid...

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    PS3Jihad Guest
    It know a full conversion would be really cool and I would do it myself but i'm curious to what would actually be gained by being an real debug 3.55? (apart from the PS3s value and fact of being of able to upgrade to official 4.01 debug FW of course which would be really nice )

    BTW: Every IDPS i've seen starts in 00 00 00 01 on debug/tool/retail as far as i can see so dont go changing the 4th byte.

    What i'm trying to say is what can Rebug NOT do that real debug FW can?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Guys read again PS3Jihad hase already posted it and your both don't realize. It's A0 the magic number and yes i'm sure

    And about the 01 just give a look for the debug pup's and retail ones and compare there access rights with each other. You then will see that 01 is used for debug pup's.

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    PS3Jihad Guest
    Yes AO is debugger mode, that is known, its also known that the eboots are fselfs modifed to use this mode, lots of info on that being posted all the time.

    But i'm just saying that ALL IDPS ive seen start with 00 00 00 01 on debug/tool/retail , any consolde, even tools so I don't understand why you say 01 and 82 is wrong for converting to debug console.

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