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    Can't say about that, but it might work since its QA.

    QA downgrade/upgrade never kill Blu-ray playback. Dongle downgrade does.

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    Yes right let us call this for better understanding System Downgrade Option. A Debug Console can jump between any installed FW WITHOUT the need for a JIG Stick or Special Downgrader PUP's.

    But you can't go on a FW which wasnt installed before. This is the reason for the Special Downgrader PUP's. To downgrade to a System Software which you before haven't on the system.

    But now you can use file manager or ftp to put a pup onto your sys and just downgrade to the FW you want.

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    sorry cfwprophet, but on the latest sdk leak there was a special dech/decr 3.55 downgrade pup to allow 3.56+ dev machines downgrading. so sony even applied this limit on debugs.

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    You don't have to sorry

    And i talked of Debug cons in case of Downgrading. But as i sayed even on a official DEBUG you can not go downgrade to a FW that wasn't previous installed.

    Eg. You have 3.41 and updated to 3.6 so with your debug and the embedded System Update Debug option you can't go down to 3.55 cause this FW wasn't previous installed. But you can go down to 3.41. There for the special dopwngrader pup's for debug exist. You then would be able to downgrade to any FW you have not installed previous

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    dear cfwprophet or other

    I apologize for my questions but I am totally noob with QA, hence I am on PS3 3.41 OFW with Jig

    1- if I update to 3.55 OFW can I with this guide swap between 3.41 and 3.55?
    2- this swapping does it delete installed pkg and trophys and gamedata etc..?
    3- does a PS3 3.41 OFW can be turned on with no risk with this QA flagging installed by dongle?
    4- if there is no risk, the QA flagging can be only installed via the pkg, nothing else?

    thanks a lot

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    Hi bloodyface:

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes (I do so )
    4. And no but it is the easy way.

    You don't need the JIG anymore. Just use a 3.41 CFW with LV1 mmap and LV2 peek&poke patch. I additional use a debug vsh.self for some other reason but thats not needed.

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    thanks for you quick reply, and I am less worry with your 2 answers but I am still confused for my Q3 and Q4:

    I read some Tuto asking to install "CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP" to use install and use QA flag, but I can I do without risk directly on my OFW 3.41 via install package?

    you confirm that my ps3 3.41 OFW has no risk to be turned on with a QA Flag installed in normal mode and not in jailbreak mode with dongle?

    which 3.41 CFW do you advise me? I wait for your future 3.41 CFW because I don't want to lose my 3.41


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    Yes you can this is just in case of downgrading cause before we donot haved the System Downgrade option activated. With togle Q&A from rebug team you can use it on normal non OtherOS++ CFW and even on official FW.

    Yes thats right. You can use on official 3.41 FW without dongle

    To time i use the one from hermes

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    Big thanks for sharing this guide... I've spent MANY hours juggling USB sticks and sitting and watching FSM firmware updates. This will save SOOOOO much time (extra sleep time!)

    BIG thanks!

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    +1 for Hermes 3.41CFW.

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