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    Post Guide to Setting up the Pre-Compiled PS3 Toolchain

    Hi Everyone,

    Today im going to walk you step by step on how to set up the pre-compiled toolchain after installation on your windows os which on this case im using windows 7 Home edition

    Step 1

    Download ifcaro pre-compiled toolchain from:

    Install the Ps3 Pre-Compiled Toolchain to c:/ps3dev/

    Step 2 (after installation)

    (#1) - Right Click Computer
    (#2) - Click Properties and a window should pop up
    (#3) - Click Advanced System settings and wait for the window to pop up
    (#4) - Now the window say "System Properties" should be up and if your not on the tab Advanced go to it

    (#5) - Click Environment Variables... and a window say Environment Variables should come up

    (#6) - under user variables click New... and new windows say New User Variable should come up

    (#7) - Variables you want to add to user one at a time

    Variable Name | Variable Value
    MSYS - C:\ps3dev\msys;
    PATH - C:\ps3dev\bin;C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin;C:\ps3dev\spu\bin; C:\ps3dev\MinGW\bin;C:\ps3dev\msys\1.0\bin;

    PS3DEV - c:\ps3dev

    copy and paste one by one on PS3DEV c:\ps3dev needs to be entered as it is without a ; or the toolchain will not work

    (#8) - after you have added all the variables click ok and open CMD

    (#9) - now type
    cd ../../ps3dev/ps3sdk/samples/template/elf_template/

    (#10) - now you should be ready to compile your small kernel application for playstation 3 system
    type make

    (NOTE - Reason my say otheros.elf because i modded the makefile i'll add it in this post)

    (#11) - Type ppu-objcopy -O binary template.elf otheros.bin
    this turn your elf file in to a bin file which is short for binary

    (#12) - now you want to gzip it to a bld file but how
    gzip -c9v otheros.bin > otheros.bld
    then compress the file for you and the file should be ready to install on ps3

    (#13) drag other to a external storage device and drag to StorageDevice:/PS3/otheros/otheros.bld and go to your ps3 and install and enjoy

    i added a small package to download which would make compiling more easy just copy and paste to elf_template and include a small otheros demo by me

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    What do you think boss (: good or no ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisSpark View Post
    What do you think boss (: good or no ?
    A nice guide indeed MisSpark- Thanks and +Rep!

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    Uhm... i dont really understand why this guide is written because when you extract the files you first get a message telling you how to set up the SDK with 5 steps or so.
    To start the environment variables you need to open a command console and run ps3dev.bat

    To compile the ps3sdk you must do the following steps:

    cd ps3sdksrc
    sh bootstrap
    sh configure
    make install
    Or is this to be able to compile on the ps3?
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    Well will you show how create, and what type in main.o and main.c or how to create hello world for this SDK (for ps3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Uhm... i dont really understand why this guid is written because when you extract the files you first get a message telling you how to set up the SDK with 5 steps or so.

    Or is this to be able to compile on the ps3?
    Many people have a lot of problems setting up the ps3 toolchain look at the post on Pre-compiled toolchain where nzhawk posting about how it took him so long to get it set up and this kinda set everything up where they don't have to re-set back up the paths etc after they restart because if your doing SET PATH = blah blah blah it only a temp var so it not saved. many people don't know how to convert to binary and gzip it to bld file so i hope this is usful to somone.

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    Hey guys please help me, i got error like when i'm compiling SOFT GL or MCLOAD it gives me, in the first one demo.elf error and in the second one bootldr.elf error, please help me!

    error like that:

    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [bootldr.elf] Error 1
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    Hmm in this tutorial you didnt say about : INSTALL THIS TOOLCHAIN , that described in readme.txt

    And here is an error in ur tutorial, its really big mistake, you wont be able install toolchain for working with it!

    So this line:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Should be without space between spu/bin;C:/ps3dev.... and PS3DEV - c:\ps3dev should be : PS3DEV - C:\ps3dev

    Happy using!

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