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    Chrunchy Guest

    Post Guide: Play Online with Your Mates, Making a Fake LAN (No PSN)

    How to play with friends online, by creating a fake LAN on your PS3

    Hi guys. Ive been struggling to find a way to play Black Ops with my friends in a different country without PSN acces due to PS3 JB, and then after a few hours of research i finally found a simple way to do it. What it does is, capturing your PS3s connection and forward it to your buddies computer and vice versa. This making it possible to start a LAN game on your PS3, and still be able to find your mate even though youre not in the same house.


    You have a computer which is online
    Knowledge about portforwarding (Its quite simple – see www.portforwarding.com for guidance)

    How to? Follow the following steps:

    1. Download, install, and run XBSLink on your computer
    - http://www.secudb.de/~seuffert/xbslink/xbslink-download

    2. Fill out these things in XBSLink:

    See picture attachment for eventual guidance

    - Your buddys IP address in the field Remote Host (1)
    - Choose your capture device (the network card your computer is connected to the internet with) (2)
    - Tab “Enable special MAC List (3)
    - Type in your PS3s MAC address, and click Add in the buttom of XBSLink(4)

    3. Forward the Port number 31415 to your PC where XBSlink is installed (see www.portforwarding.com)

    4. Click "Start Engine" in XBSLink after youve portforwarded the port 31415 to your PC (5)

    Now, make your buddie do exactly the same thing on his computers as you just did, doing the same steps from 1 to 4.

    5. Click “Announce to host” (6)

    If you are three people playing in three different places, you would make your buddies type in your IP address in their Remote Host in XBSlink - After they click on Accounce to Host, you would automatically see the message “* Anonymous joined.”, under the tab Chat.
    This should work, provided that you portforwarded correctly to your computer.

    Now youre ready to play a LAN multiplayer game on your PS3s! Tested and working with Call Of Duty Black OPS, with computer hooked up trough cable, and PS3s trough WiFi.

    Q & As

    My buddie and I, cant connect to eachother – nothing happens when we click on Announce to host

    - Check that you typed your buddies IP address in your Remote Host in XBSLink (not your own)
    - Check that your firewalls aren’t blocking for XBSLink
    - Check that you portforwarded to your PC correctly

    Where do I find my PS3s MAC Adress?
    - System Settings -> System Information -> Your MAC adress i located at the top here

    XBSLink wont add my PS3s Mac address:
    - Type your make address in without the :
    - Your MAC address can only be within the letters from 0 to 9 and from A to F

    We cant see eachother in our LAN multiplayer game
    - Check, that you both typed in your correct MAC address. Beware that you have to type in your PS3s MAC address in your own XBSLink, and your buddies have to do the same. Dont add your buddies MAC address into your own XBSLink

    This is my first guide, so i hope you like it!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I moved it to our PS3 Guides section now, and +Rep Chrunchy.

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    costocart Guest
    great guide. thanks.

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    Chrunchy Guest
    Ive been testing the cloud service in XBSLinks - works like a charm!

    To join a cloud in XBSLink, press the fan "Clouds" in XBSLinks, mark a cloud you want to join, and play with the players who is in the cloud.

    Youll be able to chat with them in the fan Chat

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    msr Guest
    Is there much lag on this? Do games play ok.

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    Chrunchy Guest
    Im not experiencing any lag.

    I usually play with friends in sweden (just next to denmark where i live), with no problems. Also played with a Spanish guy with no lag experience. The ps3 detects him with good ping anyway.

    It's not like XlinkKai, due to this is up to your own connection, and not servers placed around the world - only the gamers connection

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    Haksam Guest
    peer to peer is common in xbox live.

    it all depends on a good host and drops exponentially when adding more players.

    can't wait to try this with a co op game like RE 5 or DR 2


    *also cannot wait for the day when we can make our own dedicated server and let the public join in (for those who avoid PSN )

    use STUN server to discover NAT type needs to be unchecked or else the program crashes.

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    SAiNT HiTMAN Guest
    Sweet dude... Now i can play Black ops too.

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    tekstyle Guest
    thanks! gotta try this with my friends who have JB consoles.

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    weirdjimmy Guest
    Will have to try this. Does it have to be jailbroken?

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