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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihmi View Post
    can I also use this tutorial to install ubuntu 8.04?
    I was running Ubuntu 7.10 for awhile and it worked quite well for the basic PC-type stuff (web, email, etc).

    Then one day I noticed an upgrade to 8.04 was available so I installed it. Well, in my experience everything slowed to a crawl. The problem was 8.04 required quite a bit more memory than 7.10 and that caused excessive hdd swapping.

    Maybe they've made some changes since then, or perhaps it was a result of my own configuration, but it's worth keeping in mind that 7.10 may very well be more lightweight than 8.04 on the PS3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolyat420 View Post
    If you want to install hardy (8.04). You will need to install gusty (7.10) first, then update your kernel to at least 2.6.24. Then you can just use the update manager to update to hardy. I was able to successfully update to 8.04 and not experiencing any major issues. I was even able to get WPA working.
    i also updated to 8.04 some time ago. after that i couldn't manage to boot the kernel, although it was 2.6.24. if you want a stable ubuntu, i think you should stay within 7.10.

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    Hello, I just bought a PS3 yesterday. Thank you for this guide, I will try it immediately

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    thx im installing it on my ps3 as we speak hahah thx alot dude

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