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    Guide: How to Use iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad as a PS3 Remote

    Recently SouthSickness has made available a guide on how to use the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad as a PS3 Remote Control.

    Below are the details, to quote:

    Things You Will Need:

    1. iPod Touch/iPhone that has been jailbroken.
    2. Cydia
    3. Bluetooth on the iPod and PS3
    4. PS3


    1. Go to iPod/iPhone and click on Cydia.
    2. Click on Manage in Cydia's options.
    3. Click on sources.
    4. Then click on edit and add the following source. ADD REPO ON CYDIA
    5. After you are done adding go to search and type in WeBe.Theres gonna be two one you pay for and a free cracked one.
    6. Click on the cracked one download and install it.
    7. Start of WeBe++ and wait for it to load.
    8. Go to PS3 and click register a new device you should see your iPod/iPhone.
    9. Add it and enter the pin code it gives you on your iPod/iPhone.
    10. Your PS3 should appear as "Paired and available devices."
    11. Click on it and then click where it says PS3 under or shows the keyboard symbol.

    Confirmed Working On:
    • iPhone 4G
    • iPod Touch 3G
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 2G
    • iPod Touch 2G
    • iPod Touch 4G
    • iPad

    Guide: How to Use iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad as a PS3 Remote

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    I've been waiting for an app for my android phone so I could use it as a remote (emulating the BD remote, not for games). Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come!

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    Android already did that.

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    Sad, I have an iPad 2.

    No Jailbreak.

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    Don't work at iOS 5.0 beta - iPhone 3GS.

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    YeYe Finally made it on PS3 News

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    Ha! Nice guide indeed SouthSickness and +Rep!

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    Not work WeBe on my touch 2G.

    Start -> Exit
    Start -> Exit

    4.2.1 + redsnow + App Sync 4plus


    I'm little speak English, sorry.

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    Works on my 3gs!

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    Wow Excellent... works even on my Hackintosh.. asus 1201n with SNOW L 10.6.7


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