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    Apr 2010
    Why would the target PS3 have to be running any CFW except ReBug?

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    I just got my new jailbroken ps3 and I want to transfer all of my old stuff over from my old one. Will this wipe all of my emulators and games and everything off of my jailbroken ps3?

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    Dec 2006
    Can I get more details on this as well.. Specifically:

    1. Source PS3: will it retain the files or get completely wiped ?
    2. Destination PS3: You can now use old saves from your previous PS3. Without the error not your save ?
    3. How is it different from Backing up your PS3 (source) and Restoring destination (JB) PS3 ?

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    how about from 3.70 to 3.55??

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    Oct 2010
    anyone know if this will work for 4.00ofw to 3.41 with 4.00 spoofer?

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    Aug 2015
    good work matey

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