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    sacabonos Guest

    Post Guide: How to bypass FW check, current 2.36

    Hi guys, here is how I managed to bypass firmware check, my current FW is 2.36

    1. Download and install PS3proxy
    2. choose Start > Control panel > Network Connections and right click on Local Area Connection and choose

    status click on the support tab and take note of the IP Address, example:
    3. run PS3proxy from C:\Program Files\CF3B5\PS3.ProxyServer\PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.ex e
    4. In proxy settings tab fill in IP Address from step 2, check if port number is 8080 and check on PS3 Mode and

    click on start
    5. Switch to the logs tab on the program and leave it open for now
    6. set your PS3 network settings options as follows:

    7. Try to sign in to PSN store and you will be greeted with the sign in error (its OK this is part of the

    8. Now back to PS3proxy on your PC and you will see the log window populated with some links, click in any

    blank space (any white area where the links are)

    9. Press CTRL + F and the search window will appear type in the search field ps3-updatelist.txt and press Enter

    then close the find window and you will find the PS3-updatelist.txt link highlighted for you
    10. Right click on the link and choose copy shortcut
    11. Open Internet Explorer (or your favorite web browser) and paste the link into the address bar and press

    Enter. (keep this link as it will be used later)
    12. you will see something similar to the following quote:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    note that the current FW version is mentioned twice (highlighted in bold)

    13. Click on file > save as and place it on the root of your C drive with the name ps3-updatelist.txt
    14. Open the file C:\ps3-updatelist.txt and change the highlighted numbers from step 12 to your current FW

    version mine was changed as follows:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    15. Save the file and close it.
    16. Switch back to PS3proxy and click on Replace Files tab then click on Add button and paste the shortcut link

    from step 11 in the left empty field and on the right empty field type C:\ps3-updatelist.txt
    17. Now when you sign in PSN store it will sign in normally.

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    Tosztoc Guest
    I have firmware 2.36 too and I can confirm that it works for me


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    jabberosx Guest
    Yep this method should work. Its been posted around a couple of times now. But those posts were from US and EU regions... so nice to see SA contributions

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    TimeShifter Guest
    It didn't work for me

    PS3 proxy says "[7/30/2008 8:34:07 AM] http://feu01.ps3.update.playstation....updatelist.txt -> C:\ps3-updatelist.txt" but the PS3 still wants an update.

    PS I'm on FW 1.93. I have changed FW v. in the txt file to 1.9300, then i tried with 0.0000, but nothing works.

    Can any1 help?

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    Tosztoc Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    My looks like I wrote in previous post...

    From yours: http://feu01.ps3.update.playstation....updatelist.txt ...this file should looks like that:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    iCEQB Guest

    how to install the Resistance 2 Beta:

    1) Login with US Account
    2) Goto Store -> Demoes -> Sorted by letters -> "A-C"
    3) Begin to download t he Bourne Demo and wait until you are able to let it downlaod in the background.
    4) Go back and begin to download the "The Club" demo and smash the "X" button, so that it directly puts the download into the queue.
    5) Press the PS-Button and leave the store
    6) Go to download managment and hit Triangle -> "Pause all"
    7) Check if the "The Club" downloaded 32kb.
    8 ) Go to your Proxy server and take the link for the "The Club" pkg and replace it with the Resistance 2 Beta file on your PC
    9) Abort the Bourne Demo
    10) Resume the "The Club" Demo...rest should be a piece of cake.

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    legol38 Guest

    How to bypass firmware check

    Thanks for this tip. If it's not too important, then I won't feel like updating.

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    Just out of curiosity, what is the point in trying to bypass the firmware check?

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    aldostools Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SNaHHaN View Post
    Just out of curiosity, what is the point in trying to bypass the firmware check?
    To prevent the forced update if you are still in a lower firmware version... sometimes newer versions break things (ie. 2.40 bricked several PS3s, people have problems installing demos through proxy in 2.42+)

    There is not any point if you are already in the latest firmware version.

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    blood911 Guest
    can anyone confirm this for 2.41?

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