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Thread: Guide to Get PS3 Backup Games Working with CFW

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    Jianwei Guest

    Guide to Get PS3 Backup Games Working with CFW

    First of all , i want to thanks to people who been helped me so far. Secondly , this are just only based on my Experience so far within 2 days time. I got my PS3 on 2 days back , and now all games are working great. So ..

    1) Get a PS3 , doesn't matter how large the size is , i got mine 120GB
    1a) Ask the shop retailer about whether this PS3 can be possible to jailbreak

    *Note : Don't ever ask the person whom you bought from Sony

    2) First boot up and set everything in , and you will be in XMB.

    3) Now find your way to [Settings] >> [System Settings] >> [System Information]
    3a) And check your firmware version , if you're any lower then 3.55 It's great !
    3b) If you're on latest firmware , search the forum and ask about how to downgrade

    4) Example : You're now on 3.30 , update your firmware to 3.55 OFW
    4a) You can find tons of guides out there. how to upgrade to 3.55
    4b) You can use any type of CFW such as Kmeaw

    5) After upgrading to 3.55 OFW , now upgrade again to 3.55 CFW
    5a) I use Kmeaw 3.55

    6) After you upgraded to 3.55 , you should have [Install package] in the XMB Game column
    6a) Put your favorite Manager , such as Multiman / Open Manager / Gaia Manager
    6b) Insert it on your USB Thumb drive / Ext. HDD root folder

    7) Now install that package in your PS3.
    7a) If the package file appear no files. Do a manual restart on your PS3 and try again
    7b) After install package , and power down your PS3 and follow the bottom steps.

    How files are inserting to Ext. HDD and play on PS3:

    Get a Ext. HDD with FAT32 format . And Create a folder name "GAMEZ". *Without quotation marks*
    Next, place all your games files to your GAMEZ folder on your HDD

    *Note : Look for the folder with , BLUS_xxxxx / BLES_xxxxx / BLJS_xxxxx and place on your GAMEZ folder*
    **The "X" define the game ID for the game itself**

    After you done , plug out and move back to your PS3 , plug on the right port hole of the USB
    *I don't know if it's work on the left. But mostly Ext. HDD are place on the right most port*

    Now , power up everything . and now you're on XMB , open your favorite Manager
    *I use Multiman , So i use Multiman as any manager from now on*

    Okay , So when you're in Multiman , they will ask you to accept 3 TOA (Terms of Use Agreement)
    So just click OK to every single one , unless you want to read it.

    Next. When you're on Multiman . choose the game you want . For example : BLES-00952
    *Naruto Shippudent : Ultimate Ninja Storm 2*

    Before you load it up , Press / \ . And select [BD Boot] or something similar like that.
    After that , Press X to load the game
    Once you have loaded finished , it will bring you back to XMB , from XMB . Play Naruto !

    Questions & Answers :

    Q : Some of my games doesn't work ! Help please
    A : Might be either you didn't turn on BD Boot or you must patch your game to compatible with 3.55

    Q : Why are my games blacked when i load it ?!
    A : That is because not all games are played " Disc-Less " , Some games needed at least an Original Disc to play

    Q : No matter how i load the game , it keeps bring me back to XMB
    A : As i said , Some games needed an Original BD Disc

    Q : Okay . Now i get it . But if i want to play XXX game from my Ext. HDD , Can i buy YYY or ZZZ game disc in order to play ?
    A : Yes of course , All type of BD Rom disc is compatible with all sorts of games inside your Ext. HDD. Don't forget to switch [BD Boot] in the Game Settings of your game file or press [Select+X] for Multiman

    Q : Can i play PSN with my 3.55 JB PS3 ?
    A : No , Not quite possible for now. Wait for people who are expert in this kind of stuffs , we might get PSN on again . Anything you see outside with " PSN Access on 3.55 " Those are outdated and patched

    Q : Whenever i tried to play Multiplayer in my game , it keeps ask me to signup on PlayStation Network
    A : That is because you can't play PSN yet . There's no further way to get on PSN with 3.55 CFW

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for sharing the guide Jianwei and +Rep!

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    mrgreaper Guest
    Some important points to renember:

    1) any game newer then and including portal 2 cannot be played on cfw (there is no fix for this in the foreseeable future, infact many hackers have left the scene) this is not limited to back ups, retail discs wont load either... (one exception is brink usa version only)

    2) downgrading from any firmware above 3.55 is impossible so make sure you dont update, there are firmware spoofers out there that will trick your ps3 into thinking it is higher firmware then it really is and therefore not update. To be safe delete the system update folder in any games you back up.

    3) use multiman as a back up manager its the best

    no offense ment to the original poster just trying to be helpful.

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    kombat75 Guest
    Jianwei are you from Singapore ?

    If yes how much you get yourself a PS3 for 120GB HDD and aso does it possible to change 80GB HDD to 500GB HDD or 750GB HDD by yourself ? I do ask it possible but we have to do it D.I.Y and aso need to reformat the New HDD to FAT32 rite and aso need to install Kmeaw CFW right.

    It easy to do it ? Don't have to go recovery mode to install Kmeaw or upgrade your OFW to CFW as what I read ?


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    mrgreaper Guest
    Replacing the internal hdd is easy and is in the ps3 manual (sony sanctioned and supported) a quick search of "replace ps3 hd how to" will yeld a lot of results for example

    the internal hd will be formated by the ps3 into a special format.

    you can also play most games from an external hdd (games with files over 4gb cant run from external due to the fat32 restrictions)

    hope that helps.

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    Jianwei Guest
    kombat75 , Yes i'm from Singapore , i bought my 120GB PS3 for $379 cash , local set.

    Yes indeed , not all games are working using the eBootFix. so please take note on that.

    And i suggest people who wanted to change their HDD on their PS3 , make sure to get a more better professional to do, cause anything goes wrong , they will be responsible for it

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    kombat75 Guest
    Thanks mrgreaper for the video.. It looks damn easy.. I think i have no issue changing the hdd but what i worry is the Firmware and install again the CFW Kmeaw to get it work with the new HDD.. I changing the new HDD to Bigger size is due to some of the games that need INTERNAL and my current HDD is not enough..

    Hopefully after changing the new HDD and install the Kmeaw CFW it work fine..

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    shummyr Guest
    great tutorial.

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    nawwaf Guest
    thanks as well..

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    tunguyenlosusa Guest
    It is very good instruction. Thanks so much.

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